Greta is Betta!

Posted On: Saturday - October 12th 2019 3:45PM MST
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(Does that title ring a bell? It's from an old water-filtering machine commercial, probably before your time, and not everyone can keep up with all the water-filtering machine commercials.)

Greta is BIG. I mean, on youtube, she is big. You can type in "Greta" and "ABC", where ABC is any regular expression, and you'll get some video with this little pigtailed pipsqueak. You know who she reminds me of - that Pippi Longstocking. I can't even remember what Pippi did in her stories, but I just wasn't sexually attracted due to the pig-tails. (Also, I was 7.)

This first video is a meme, one might say, just 10 seconds long with a basic point.

The point is: Isn't it weird being scolded by a 16 year-old? It's fine if you're 10, and she's your babysitter.

The next one took much more effort and was nicely done. The sound IS in English, except at the very end. Just so you know, "gestrande" means "stranded", as in, for this case, stranded at the airport for cancelled flights due to not wanting to KILL THE PLANET!

We never even got to the school loan discussion and have not finished this "Bread & Circuses" thing. That'll leave plenty for next week. Enjoy the game!

PS: Yeah, it's a pony-tail in the 2nd video. I've seen her in pig-tails though.

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