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It was 527 years ago today, when Christopher Columbus and crew arrived in the New World after 6 weeks of sailing the ocean blue.

It's still early. Greet your friends with this, greet any left-kook you meet. Whatever BS he has to say back, it doesn't compare to this amazing voyage of discovery by the Italian navigator. We can date civilization on the American continents from October 12th, 1492 onward ... till ... pretty recently.

Peak Stupidity celebrated this holiday belatedly last year and in '17, and amazingly, before I just looked at last year's post, I picked an image for this one (2nd picture there). They are amazingly similar! Same minds think alike, or something.

Anyway, it's not too late to take the day off on Monday. If you are a Fed - and I don't expect many readers from that "sector" after things published on Peak Stupidity, but please remember folks, we are an Equal Opportunity Offender, complying with all statutes, rulings, and penumbrae required by the UN and PS legal dept.- if you haven't been offended yet, you haven't been reading enough - where was I, yeah, this holiday IS a Federal Holiday and you should not go to "work". If you are in a State or local government, hell, even a First Responder, they have sick days for a reason. Just let the PC boss and colleagues know, "I'm gonna take a sick day, I'm so sick of you people!"

Don't let the ctrl-left have the megaphone.


PS: The six week voyage was from the last islands off the Euro/African continent until first landfall.

Saturday - October 12th 2019 3:29PM MST
PS: Thank you very much for the great compliment, BernCar. Yes, there will be duds. I've had a better schedule for posting lately.

I appreciate any and all readers!
Saturday - October 12th 2019 3:24PM MST
PS: You are on fire lately. You must be on a new fiscal year or something--lots of posts and good posts, too. (Not that you've ever made a bad post--I'm not saying that. Not that there would be anything wrong with an occasional bad post.) Give 'em hell, Achmed!
Saturday - October 12th 2019 11:02AM MST
PS: Ha! Corrected 227 years to 527. Oopsie. Didn't see that one, Bill?
Saturday - October 12th 2019 10:36AM MST
PS: Yes, I do. It was partially a quest for an easier way to get the spices. Hence, "the West Indies", thinking they had made it somewhere in the neighborhood of India. I don't think even into the 4th voyage, Columbus knew how far further west Asia was.

The problem, Bill, was that of determining longitude. See these 2 posts (in order):


on the quest for accurate determination of longitude. Until the invention of a long-term-accurate clock, astronomy was involved. Christopher Columbus used his knowledge of astronomy to get out of a real pickle while stuck on the island of Jamaica, as related here:

Bill H
Saturday - October 12th 2019 7:39AM MST
PS You do know that he was actually looking for China, right?
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