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It's the LGBTism, not the feminism! Should I be relieved? Feminism has taken a terrible long-term toll on American society. The LGBTism* at least is stupid enough to not really change the world in the way that feminism has. Not enough people really want to be a part of it ...

If it works for paramecium, well, DAMMIT, it ought to work for everybody!

OK, let me explain. My elementary school kid has had a habit, ever since he's been going to school, of saying "person", when talking about anyone he doesn't know well, or know by name, or is, in fact, of unknown** sex. (By "sex", now re-labelled "gender", at least I'm talking about in the traditional binary sense.) This has bugged me for quite a while, and I know he didn't get it at home. "We had a person come in to talk about the rules of the playground ..." Think about it - wouldn't it be normal to just say "we had a man come in ..." or "we had a lady come in ..."?

I don't think he always talks like this in referring to other kids, because he's got the term "kids" itself. "There's a new kid in town class." However, for adults, the use of "person" instead of a specific sex, seems to be the example being set.

In the 2nd half of the Peak Stupidity post Great gender-neutrality debunking video and other tidbit, I mentioned this verbal behavior before. I had chalked it up to feminism, just as with the use of "Ms" starting back in the day when feminism was taken a little more lightheartedly. I'd thought this was just another way to get rid of any sex-distinguishing pronouns of the NORMAL type, especially the use of him/his for people of unknown (OK, how about "not yet known!) sex.

Ahhhaaa! I had a thought this morning that I'm almost sure is correct. I now think that all this use of "person" for anyone of known or unknown sex, is part of the LGBT genderbender flavor of stupidity. It's not feminism at all! This is the school's way of getting the students' minds right, without outright teaching the BS of one's sex being determined on the fly.

I've already told the boy to refer to people in a normal manner, but, they are really working on these kids. You've got to fight this stuff all the way through. Though it may not sound like it, homeschooling may be easier, at least in the avoidance of the constant battling for this part of the minds of your children. It's a sick sick sick sick world!

* I spent 5 minutes looking for the poster shown under BLT-G. All I could remember for this initialism**** was Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, with Guacamole on the side. That didn't work!

** Unknown to my son, that is, not to the "person" in question!

*** Peak Stupidity will keep using "Miss" and "Mrs" until the cows and/or bulls come home, or until it becomes illegal, and then some.

**** I was corrected by someone on-line on the difference between an acronym and an initialism (in an acronym, the letters taken from the original term can be pronounced, as in NASA).

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