Occasional Cortex and the importance of the Kook-vote

Posted On: Friday - October 4th 2019 9:19PM MST
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"We've got to start eating the babies!" says AOC voter and amateur Climate Theoretician. Well, I mean, it's not really any kookier than believing there is a working mathematical model* of the entire Earth's climate, is it?

Here is a perhaps all-too-typical Blue-squad town hall meeting:

OK, about this leading lady in the t-shirt: I am not impressed. She is either a conservative plant, which is a great idea and such an improvement over other current methods of trying to reason with the ctrl-left, or she is a for-real kook.

If it's the former case, this is B-movie-grade acting job. I really was disappointed, as I had expected a good deal of screaming and jumping around. Sure, you don't have to be a William Shatner and overact the part, but come on, lady! You call this performance art?

If it's the latter case, and this lady was for real, then, well, I would have expected a good deal of screaming and jumping around. That's what crazy people do, in order to "keep it real" as they would say, were they sane.

Now, what about the 2nd leading lady, AOC herself. Yes, she is a 29 y/o (maybe 30 now, I'm trying NOT to keep up) bartender from Queens, but she'd have to be really, really dumb, to take this lady seriously. Are all solutions to this Global Climate DisruptionTM, lately known as Climatic Disequilibrium, on the (dinner) table?

The 2nd possibility, and I sure hope this is the case, is that Miss Cortex was humoring the lady. See, people, that's what you have to do when you are the party of tolerance. You don't want to lose the Kook vote, as they could be a fairly large segment of the constituency. Therefore, AOC must stand there and pretend to take the "eat the babies" lady seriously. That part, the 2nd half of our small feature film, is just as funny.

A Conservative would allow himself to have a big belly laugh and to tell the lady to "get the f__k outta here. You're killin' me!" The Blue squad can't afford to do that.

All in all, I give this film only 2 stars, for originality. Next time, I want to be rolling on the floor LOLing.

* Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5

Saturday - October 5th 2019 4:33PM MST
PS The incident is funny. Making a big thing out of it is idiotic
Saturday - October 5th 2019 1:15PM MST
PS: Haha. If that's Lyndon LaRouche, then that explains why s/he wasn't jumping around. I would like to join his organization now though.
Clyde not Clyde
Saturday - October 5th 2019 10:59AM MST
PS--This AOC clown hall meet disruption was prime. This was a disruptor doing unto a disruptor.

What I have read is that this unfettered free spirit is Lyndon LaRouche --ite. Yeah I know not heard from in years.
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