The more we read USA Today, the more we like this guy,

Posted On: Monday - January 16th 2017 8:11PM MST
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Donald Trump, that is. USA Today probably shows some pretty large numbers for the circulation of its color paper newspaper, but much of that is copies laid outside the door of people's motel rooms. I usually purposefully use it as a doormat, as it is as much "the Gov't news" as the rest of the fake-news operations.

I had to keep this copy after seeing the headline, so's we could scan it in and present it to you:

They write this like it's a bad thing. ("They" meaning author Heidi M. Przybyia, in this case - please Miss Przybyia, I'll sell you a coupla vowels on the cheap). This is where the opinions of the gov-media journalists really "shine" through in their writing, not in a good way. A majority of Americans would NOT agree it's a bad thing that President-elect Trump is announcing agency heads that want to overhaul or eliminate the agencies they are being appointed to oversee. *Miss Przybyia is very out of touch with the average American!*, we at PeakStupidity would tweet, if had been taught at an early age how to tweet.

Now, personally, I might handle this in a gentler manner than Mr. Trump at a press conference, such as:

"Please, folks, you are making too much of this. Let me put you at ease here. We will not be shutting down the Department of Education, or any of the others you have mentioned. The Dept. of Education will be merged into the Dept. of Energy. The EPA will be integrated into the Dept. of Motherland Security. The new Dept. of Energy will then be combined with the new Dept. of Motherland Security. Much duplication will then be saved by having this one big Dept. of EnviroEduEnerSecurity. Then, we will shut that one down like a rabid dog. See we are eliminating only one Department. Any questions? No, good, more re-orgs in the morning. Good day, gentlemen!"

Here's a snippet of the front page of USA Today's article:

STORY CONTINUES ON 2A it says. No thank you, Miss Przybyia - we know your agenda now. What you've done for me is made me appreciate Mr. Trump more than I had already.

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