TV for thee, but not for me, even for free

Posted On: Wednesday - October 2nd 2019 4:51AM MST
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15$ a month! TV! Yipee!

That's just for starters, I'm sure. Once they've got you hooked on the idiot plate, they'll start jacking it up. It seem hard to get them to believe you when you threaten to cancel anymore. I used to do some real brinkmanship* with them in the past with the internet service. I'd get a personal call from a guy you could call back without mashing random buttons when it came down to 1 week left on the plan. They don't seem to do that anymore. You can still cancel and switch back and forth with the missus each year to get starter rates.

Yes, I COULD do all that for TV, but I won't get it unless they PAY ME to have the service. Nobody can force me to turn it on, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did though. From my recent thoughts, it's not the money. They just really want people watching that infotainment, as the narrative must go on.

It's twice a month with these ads, going on for years. Doesn't that add up to $10 - $20 yearly in handling and postage? I'm no CEO, mind you, but if you're trying to increase shareholder value, is this the kind of thing you keep doing? Again I don't have my MBA, mind you, so, you know ... Did I ever write a post about donating that money to the Indian School in S. Dakota? No, I just did a search, and I haven't. It kinda relates.

* Old Cold War term, don't sweat it.

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