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Posted On: Monday - September 30th 2019 6:22PM MST
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In The Carbon Neutrality of Davy Jone's Locker Peak Stupidity chimed in yesterday on this Greta Thunberg story. This is a follow-up regarding this extreme fixation on the opinions of a 16 y/o Swedish girl. Again, the reader can go to the Global Climate Stupidity topic key to learn why Peak Stupidity is NOT DOWN with the sky-is-falling crowd. This post is more about what the hell is up with people from Sweden (and America) and how could they have gotten this way.

First, let's go to Russia Today for an opinion piece called MSM wants angry male incels to just SHUT UP & agree with Greta – or else be shamed into it. This article is pretty fair and not particularly on one side or the other on any of the science purporting to show man-made "Meteorological Disequilibrium"*. You're not gonna get this from the American free press, those Soviet bastards!

Greta is not happy, and she told the world:
“How dare you...all you can talk about is are still not mature enough to tell it like it is...we will not let you get away with this...change is coming, whether you like it or not. [kept bolding from RT]
I hope she doesn't mean ME, personally. I just blog here.

I don't follow the infortainment directly, so I don't get the ongoing 24/7 saga, of everything else this silly child has said, and everything said about Greta, and everything said about the people that have said things about Greta. Russia Today does, though, so:
But criticize her, and you’re Satan incarnate. “Why is Greta Thunberg so triggering for certain men?,” newspaper columnists ask, as if being critical is being “triggered,” and as if men alone are critical of Thunberg. Critics are“gender reactionaries,” “kid bashers,”“cowards,” and “morally bankrupt.”

They’re also manchildren who “get irrationally angry at a Swedish girl who wants to save the planet,” according to a satirical video from ABC News Australia. “If you’re a grown adult who needs to yell at a child for some reason,” the video recommends you call a specialized helpline before “going full caps lock in an article comment section.”
People in power have come in all shapes and sizes. China had it's little Emperors and the many European monarchies have had all kinds of child Kings and Queens. Well, you would not have been wise to say too much about those ones. We still live in the remains of a Constitutional Republic here, so, about anyone who is put into a position of power like this young "activist", I'll damn sure say whatever I want about the girl.

How could it possibly get to this, in the world (not even at Peak Stupidity yet), when a significant share of the population acts like a 16 y/o girl has anything at all important to say to us about public policy?! Where did this girl come from? (I know, I know, across the Atlantic in a yacht, but I mean ...) She could have come out of America too, maybe up the Tennessee-Tombigbee waterway, past Tupelo and Corinth, through Tennessee into Kentucky Lake, down through the locks at Calvert City, into the Mighty Mississippi at Paducah, upstream with a right fork into the Illinois just north St. Lewee, under the bridges of downtown Shy-town (watch for waste-dumping outta Dave Matthews tour buses), up Lake Michigan, through the Mackinac Straits and the rest of the Great Lakes system (excluding the big one they call Gichegumi), down the coast of the Maritimes and New England to dock right there by in NY harbor, taking a kayak through open storm sewers to the UN building, using the stairs of course, not the Planet-killing elevator.

Perhaps. Stupidity reigns the world over, but there seems to have been an excess up in Scandinavia, in some sort of Stupidity Disequilibrium, if I may. I was in Sweden 3 decades ago, long before the immigration stupidity there was implemented. (We'd all like to hear from commenter Ganderson on his most recent experience, BTW.) It was a country of Swedes, an intelligent hardworking bunch, you could figure.

The big difference I noted between that land and America of that time was the Socialism. I hung out with a few local guys for the day. I was impressed by the amount of free time they had, working fairly short weeks and hours. There was more free stuff from Big-Gov. These guys were not exactly bums, but it struck me that this would be a much better place to be a bum than America. On the other hand (and I thought of this even as a young guy then), it was a worse place to be an entrepreneur. Someone's got to pay for the free stuff, and you'd have to work much harder to get somewhere with some new idea or business model that the Swedish Gov't would tax and regulate anyway.

I gotta say, I didn't run into any of the Snowflakes, but it was summer and 30 years ago, so even in this Socialist economy, things hadn't gotten so stupid yet. Is it the Socialism that eventually breeds too many irresponsible whack jobs, or is the whack jobs that support Socialism?

Well, this post did not at all turn out as it was supposed to. I even had to swap the title out with the current one, explained here:

More on Greta and Sweden tomorrow.

* Yes, this a new one! It was said in a comment by one Jeffrey P. Harrison in the RT article:
She's a clueless kid. I have no problem recognizing that we are experiencing meteorological disequilibrium. I have a problem calling said disequilibrium the result of CO2 trapping heat. CO2 couldn't trap heat if it's life depended on it. I'm telling you that as a physicist, not a 16 year old kid.
Man, I would use this one, but, you know climate is not weather (said here seriously), so the "meteorological" part should be dropped and "climatic" inserted. Global Climatic Disequilibrium - rolls right off the tongue, don't it?

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