Ignorance is Bliss

Posted On: Monday - September 30th 2019 5:20AM MST
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... hence the smiley face.

This was right in front of me taped to the gas pump. I guess you're gonna get that when you shop around for the lowest price. Unfortunately, I don't smoke cigerattes, as that seems like a steal.

I had to go inside anyway, as every station I've seen since the extremely high gas prices of 2008 has wanted me to prepay, yet they give a discount for cash (fair enough on the latter). I couldn't help myself, in all good humor:

"Hey, did the manager write this?"

"Well, I'm A manager, but I didn't write it."

"Tell the manager that I won't buy any more gas here unless he learns to spell."

I think the only reason she smiled is that the spelling is so stupid-looking that she saw the mistake.

BTW, I searched everywhere on-line for something I should have taken a picture of, but the corporate WaWa (Florida mini-mart/gas chain) had a spelling error on their LCD screen. How many times a day at each pump in all of their stores does it get seen?! Maybe the new intern at corporate corrected it by now.

I do take Idiocracy seriously. What was a funny movie 13 years ago about a dystopic future 485 years hence has become a prescient documentary.

The following scene from Idiocracy documents the coming single-payer health care:

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