Trick question: Would you rather be ruled by the people or the experts?

Posted On: Monday - January 16th 2017 3:13AM MST
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This Daily Bell article (they are featured on zerohedge quite a bit) refers to a guy named Tyler Cowen who wrote this article,featured on the Bloomberg financial site titled Would You Rather be Ruled by the People or the Experts? The question refers to William Buckley's statement of long ago that he'd rather be ruled by the first 2,000 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than by the faculty of Harvard University. Tyler is asking this question with the specific issue of immigration in mind.

First of all, if you're going to choose a phone book to pick these regular people (as Buckley was implying), I would not go with Boston. Those folks are a bunch of statist left-wingers who are about as politically far from the colonists of Massachusetts Bay,or at least the ones around in 1775, as one could possibly get. How about the Dallas, Texas phone book - let's start from there. Just pick names that sound like people who would speak English first of all. Yes, that would beat the graduates of Harvard by a long shot, but it's not the right answer.

The website features Steve Sailer again with his usual smart and funny comments about this article - not necessarily on the side of William Buckley, but just pointing out the hypocrisy of our elites on the immigration issue. Now, after having perused some of the comments, I have not seen anyone with the right answer to "Who would you rather be ruled by?" in all that I've read so far. The Daily Bell comments are better.

Let's be like Captain Kirk in that one episode where the Enterprise crewmen are discussing his performance in the space flight training class - heck, maybe it was in one of the movies; I don't care - I'm not a geek, OK? The gist of it was that he was in a real dilemma in whatever situation was being simulated and he thought outside the box, and did what nobody else had thought of in all the years of Starfleet Training Academy. Let's do that here, why don't we?

The answer to this question is easy. Neither one, not Harvard graduates and not regular Joes from the phone book. Just imagine freedom, if you will. This country has changed so much to where the young people now could not even think that there are no rulers or leaders needed for many realms of their lives. "Very sad!" as our President-elect would tweet-out. We lean hard-libertarian here at PeakStupidity for a reason. Free people do not act stupidly as they must be responsible for their lives as nobody else will bail them out. Statist governments like America's, and about any of them in the world today, take away responsibility, which, encourages stupidity, leading us toward the peak of it we are near today.

Take one example out of tens or hundreds of different realms of our lives: Do you need tens of thousands of bureaucrats in a US Feral Department of Education, so that people can learn a lot? Well, we didn't in the past, and people DON'T learn a lot in school these days. Do we even need public schools? OK, that sounds pretty hard-core, but just imagine freedom for a minute. Don't 99% or more of parents love their kids and take decent care of them? Couldn't parents arrange among themselves for school buildings and teachers themselves. Would they not cut out about 75% of the costs by leaving out the useless admins and bureaucrats and hiring, say, a retired engineer to each math (keeping him busy and making a few bucks) and someone who loves writing (say a blogger from one of the big ones, I dunno, PeakStupidity) to clean up the language and teach a little English.

What about those 1% of the kids in the example? They don't deserve to have no foundation in life. No, they don't - what about charity? There used to be lots more of it on the small scale (not the Gates' foundations and Zuckerbergs pushing global agendas). People tend to do a lot of good when they are left alone to put their money and time into where they know it's needed. Statists, however, would rather have the monetary accumulations of our labor stolen from us and given out as they please. People really tend to dislike the type of "charity" that steals from them, especially when the recipients are living larger than the theft victims.

What a libertarian rant that was, but at least PeakStupdity could answer the question correctly:

Q: Would You Rather be Ruled by the People or the Experts?

A: NO!

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