Shane Gillis as "The Fireman"

Posted On: Friday - September 20th 2019 9:03PM MST
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It's been many years since I regularly watched Saturday Night Live regularly, almost back to the time of Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, and John Belushi. They did have a bunch of other damn funny people go through that show. Many came on being already known funny guys (from 2nd-City TV for example), and a large percentage of them went on to the movies after their time on that show.

I would have had no idea who this Shane Gillis is, had it not been for a Steve Sailer post, Comedy Quotas about Politically Correct unfunny women comedians. It doesn't mix well - humor and PC. Shane Gillis got recently hired onto Saturday NIght Live, but was fired shortly thereafter for Political Incorrectness in his previous jokes.

As I wrote, I'd never heard of him, but this video satire he made that parodies the trend of "Diversity over all" is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. As Homer Simpson says "it's funny cause it's true!"

I hate to get serious after that, but let me write a bit about TV and video. As far as I'm concerned, SNL can go fuck themselves for firing a guy this funny, but I haven't watched the TV much in 20 years anyway. Who cares? Who needs TV anymore? We've got youtube, right? Well, we thought so for a while, but nah, youtube is owned by The Goolag, who are big enforcers of PC and the current narrative. There are other sites for videos, and I want to mention that Ron Unz's is in the process of cataloging all kinds of "banned" youtube videos.

I put that "banned" in quotes, because the thing is, they don't necessarily actually take them off their servers. In fact, for reasons of either storage space or other technical hurdles, Ron Unz does not actually store the videos. He just catalogs them. No, youtube will just take the videos off of any "channel" and make them hard to search for, or not allow comments, "likes" and that sort of thing. Mr. Unz's site just helps with the searching and commenting. As much as I don't agree with about 1/2 of Mr. Unz's ideology, I greatly respect and praise his support of freedom of speech, as he puts his money and effort where his mouth is. I believe Ron Unz would be one of the last guys allowing truth out there on the internet to get shut down. Not only is he very sharp on the software end, but he's one stand-up guy. I think he may need OUR support one day, as I don't know what guns California hasn't stopped him from buying. (Really, it may come down to that.)

Boy, that was a gloomy note to follow that hilarious video. Good luck to Shane Gillis in this world of unfunny PC!

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