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Posted On: Wednesday - September 18th 2019 6:44PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has had a 6-part series on "First Responders" already* - hate the term, don't like the PC and stupidity, not enamored with them to want an autograph. I just wish they'd just hurry up and get through the intersection!

Go ahead and respond, dammit! I've got a Y dance to get to!

In particular, we discussed ambulance drivers, errr, EMTs. Does it seem to you that these people are getting more and more cautious on the road? I mean, they are nothing if not generous with the lights and noise - between LEDs and modern speaker technology they are doing what we couldn't do yesteryear. It's just that, even with the new equipment to turn stop-lights green for them and the big truck-like vehicle with the visibility old ambulance drivers only dreamed of, they are just screwing around out there.

I was in no particular hurry yesterday, as I had the green light at an intersection 100 ft ahead when I heard the ambulance. I saw it 2 seconds later while I was already braking with plenty of room. Everybody stopped as he is supposed to. It was wide open, yet these guys hung out in the middle of the intersection for about 10 seconds, what, making sure they had the right of way? Man, it's one thing to keep those eyes peeled and not run through at 40 mph, so you don't end up like this:

"Somebody call an (other) ambulance!"

You don't want to create more injuries on the way to the hospital (that's the way these guys were going). I! GET! THAT! However, there's a trade-off between being completely safe, yet not getting the patient to the hospital on time, and setting world speed records with the guy with the the ankle fracture in the back. I've been in one of these new multi-6-figure machines. They're nice. There is lots more equipment with which to "stabilize" or work on the patient on the way. If it's that good, though, why not just park at the patient's house and be a temporary hospital branch-office?

No, the EMTs are supposed to bring the patient in for help. It would behoove them not to dick around so much on the way, that's all I'm saying today...

"In my day, we rode in a Cadillac! And, we LIKED IT!"

People are much more likely to be saved and/or fixed up nicely in modern hospitals with modern trauma centers, ICUs, and surgery, than 40 years ago. However, the deal still remains - you've got to get them there. Hit it, and get out of my way!

* Here's the whole series: First Responders and Heroes, "First Responders!" - The Firemen and Fire Departments, "First Responders!" - Ambulance drivers, excuse me, EMTs, "First Responders" - the Cops, "First Responders" at The Office, and 9-1-1 - the Phone Number,

Thursday - September 19th 2019 7:28AM MST
PS: Found one VDare article:

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