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Posted On: Tuesday - September 17th 2019 6:16PM MST
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No, Peak Stupidity headquarters is holding up pretty nicely. This post is about The Office:

You're not going to see much in the way of TV reviewing here on Peak Stupidity, so this is a real exception today. If you're a steady reader, you may see that a majority of the youtube clips here (95% of them funny) are from Seinfeld or The Office. Those are the only 2 shows that I will make an occasional effort to watch while out of town and close to boredom. For the latter, I think I'm done now, as I'll explain shortly. Also, for the long-term reader, you will probably understand that the closest thing to a TV review here is the standard "Turn! That! Shit! Off!".

I ended up in a hotel room with a few extra hours that couldn't seem to be filled with posts here or reading/commenting on The Comedy Central channel had back-to-back The Offices, so I looked forward to seeing ones I'd never seen. To backtrack nearly a decade, I'd gotten the 1st 4 seasons of this show that I'd never seen before on ripped/burned DVDs from China, for a grand total of oh, what was it, 2 bucks?* It became my all-time favorite entertainment for a while there. I later on saw a couple of more seasons but not much of the later episodes after Branch Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left the office and show.

Now, to put on my critic hat here, let me say that TV shows seem to get stale after a while. A friend commented 5 years back that my other favorite, Seinfeld became less entertaining during the last 2 or 3 years. His point was that the situations (it was a "situation comedy", after all) became more and more ridiculous. I thought about it, and he was right. (Remember that episode with Kramer driving the bus to dump the muffin tops? It was too over the top, pardon the pun.) Writers, I suppose, just run out of ideas, and as the Seinfeld characters were always too neurotic and silly, it was still believable. After all, who really knows what goes on with those NY City people? However, indeed the last few seasons had situations that were in no way believable.

With The Office, Steve Carell and his acting like a man who is underconfident but acts confident, was definitely worth being the star. It wasn't just that he left, though, that made the show go downhill. The first thing I noticed is that the actors lost sight of the point, in order to do their own thing. The Andy Bernard guy (actor Ed Helm) often did some singing in the shows, but it was not a major part of any episode. Sure enough, after he was more of a big shot, he had to have a whole episode of him being in the theater. Then, as with Seinfeld the situations became more ridiculous, though maybe not as much as the former show. For the women viewers, I suppose, the show had to have a wedding show for about every major character. Nah!

What I saw on Comedy Central, though, was enough to keep me off any more $2 sets of ripped/burned episodes out of China. The PC police must have finally caught up with these guys.

What I liked about the old show was that it was not only politically incorrect, but more like purposefully PIC, as far as they could push it. The show office had its black guy, gay guy, and diversity seminars, but the show purposefully made fun of the diversity stuff and made no effort at appeasing the would-be-SJW viewers on the former 2. It's the gay accountant Oscar ("Celebrated not due to his gayness but his Mexicanity" - Michael Scott) bit that has changed from hilarious and off-the-wall to PC.

I wish I could find a few more bits of this early episode, but it's the awkwardness of the gay Oscar parts that are hilarious, on both side of the, errr, aisle. You may have to have watched the show, but this one is comedy gold, Jerry!:

In one of the 3 episodes I just watched, there is a scene I'd seen on youtube and couldn't place before. It's from this episode, as the whole gay Oscar thing is now treated a regular part of everyday life, as Oscar was fooling around with Angela's Senator (State Senator, that is) boyfriend (husband, maybe). Nothing of the weird gay part of this is treated differently than any affair until the scene below in which Dwight and Angela bring their questions to the hapless HR guy Toby Flenderson.

The scene below is pretty funny (NSFW!) on its face, but I can now see the agenda. The writers must have wanted to make anyone who isn't down with the whole idea of homosexuality as a part of normal life seem completely ignorant. Dwight has been shown to be naive before, but that was all in the earlier episodes. This scene is both getting ridiculous, as shows tend to get, but it's also pushing THE AGENDA. Enough. I have been officially turned off to any re-runs on hotel TVs and possible purchases of stolen intellectual property. Take that, Hollywood!

Oh, and lest the reader think this blogger is some kind of bigot, let's first remember that this blog is an Equal Opportunity Offender. Next, when it comes to gaiety, let's remember the words of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton Branch Manager Michael Scott:

"We are all homos here ...


... Homo-Sapiens."

* Yes, this is IP (Intellectual Property) theft, but I don't feel one bit bad about it when it comes to Hollywood or any infotainment. It's one small step I can take to screw them over after their having spent 5 decades helping ruin the country.

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