The Hildabeast as Modern Art

Posted On: Saturday - September 14th 2019 2:45PM MST
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I'd never thought I would miss the old modern art, you know, those randomly-welded-together $500,000 structures outside of libraries and federal buildings, those framed used baby bibs (see they don't tell you that), and the other odd stuff that you are supposed to appreciate, or you are a loser. It's not like I have the money for this anyway, but one can always have the wife trace out a fake Picasso or get a 7 ft tall 300 lb rabbit sculpture.

I do miss the old modern art, because I do not at all relish this kind of blast from the past, which is a Venice, Italy* exhibit of the Hildabeast's controversial emails. Aren't there some kind of soup cans anywhere in Venice, or guys who can weld together an old Fiat tie-rod to a shopping cart, or some diarrhea-laden rug to tie the whole gallery room together? I'd probably have to stay in the room with the piss-Christ rather than with this shit until that part of the tour is over, and we can go down a canal in a gondola with 18 Chinese tourist/photographers.

Like a dog to his vomit, the perp returns to the scene of the crime:

Though I don't support the Hildabeast in any way, I gotta wonder if it was a wise thing to do, putting all these emails out there for the art aficionados to peruse. Couldn't a Trump administration attache possibly head over there during his 3 hour lunch break from the Italian embassy somewhere to see if he could dig up any dirt? Are they all on the same page now?

It's one thing to put national security matter information on your own private server, you know, INSIDE the house of course. You can always wipe if off in a hurry with a paper towel and some alcohol. Printing these out and putting them in a gallery, I mean, these are not the kind of people that would have lasted long in the French Resistance.

I can see the headlines now: Chinese tour group breaks Epstein case at Venice museum! Story at Eleven REDACTED.

Hey, put me down for some of that art.

(Sorry, I couldn't get the exact scene I wanted. Kramer picked up the painting, accidentally sneezed on it, then smudged it in with the painting, like an artiste.)

* I'd expect it more in Venice, California. Maybe, they could have it in Venice, Florida, but they'd have to close up the gallery in time for the Early Bird Special.

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