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Posted On: Tuesday - September 10th 2019 12:44PM MST
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No one has ever successfully escaped from Stalag EU, Johnson!

The subject of this post goes back to just about 1 month before the Peak Stupidity blog started up, October 31st '16. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: This is NOT a news site. You want news, good luck with all that. It is not in our job description - our core competency here is Stupidity and Stupidity alone (plus some good music!).

That does not preclude us from delving into some news, even if it is about 1045 days behind. October 31st of '16 was the date of the successful British referendum to enable an escape from the clutches of the European Union and the Bastards of Brussels who tyrannize whoever is trapped in their camp organization for "the duration". Before that date, the globalists and bureaucrats, often one and the same, of the EU and the nations entrapped there-in did their very best to convince the populations that there was no hope of escape and moreso, no reason to escape.

Formerly-Great Formerly-Britain* is in the middle of a nearing 3-year-long escape attempt. The majority-for-"leave" vote notwithstanding, right now the country is still in the European Union and subject to its rules. The whole story of this on-going escape attempt, with the goal of obtaining British sovereignty again, can better be explained by a very good long essay that was pointed out by pundit John Derbyshire. Author Christopher Caldwell, in the Claremont Review of Books explains what's been going on, and what is going on with Brexit** vote in Why Hasn't Brexit Happened?

Please read Mr. Caldwell's excellent essay, as it'll beat any kind of quick summary Peak Stupidity could come up with. In addition, since John Derbyshire pointed this great summary out, his article in which he did that is also called Why Hasn't Brexit Happened? and also here's Cosmopolitans vs. Communitarians—What The Battle Over Brexit Means.

Just one basic comment to be made from the reading of Christopher Caldwell's essay is this: He brings up the fact that the bureaucrats and big-shots in both Brussels and in the formerly-nations that are interned within the EU think and act as citizens of the EU, not their own formerly sovereign countries such as escape-attempt artist England. This reminds me of the situation in our former Republic, back in, oh, about 1861. As I wrote in the Peak Stupidity quick biographical summary on Robert E. Lee, General Lee understood the State of Virginia to be, in the true definition of the word "state", his country or his nation. Those that faulted him for not staying with those United States of America, later on known as "the US of A", were just like the EU Globalists. They rejected the sovereignty of nation-states themselves in favor of their Continental project.

The Southern States weren't able to pull off their escape from the US of A those years ago, even with a Constitution that said NOTHING that would preclude them from doing so. Good luck to the British on their attempt. Make sure to feed the guard dogs and keep some strudel for Sergeant Schultz.

* As we and The Kinks have written, "There's no England now."

** I may have been very tempted, were I an Englishman, to vote this down just based on the silly name, thinking that this was possibly a vote on whether some movie star couple should break up or not. JLo, Brangelina, AMLO, now Jivanka, gimme a break!

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