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Posted On: Monday - September 9th 2019 7:25PM MST
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... and I won't tell you no lies.

That was ALMOST the same title as this post about governments asking me for too much information, along with some great Skynyrd (some Southern Rock). Note the difference.

As a follow up to last week's post on back to skool, I add this one bit of curmudgeonry. Black people, in order to "keep it real", have one particular speech defect that just irks the crap out of me. I should say "seem" to have a speech defect, as, for most, it's very much on purpose.

You've got a perfectly intelligent and articulate black man or woman who, with everything else that sounds white , err, right, has to insert that ridiculous "axe" for "ask". (Or, is it spelled "aks"? See, spell-check would fix it*, so it's only a factor in their speech.) It's getting spread to the high echelons, as recently I heard it from an airline pilot! Yes, these guys are intelligent, and the rest of this First Officer's announcements were clear and informative. He had to insert that half-ass "axe" in there though. It was not as obvious as from a guy from the ghetto, but it was there. I imagine the Captain, if he heard it, was shaking his head ... slightly.

It's just about keeping it real. Just as with the otherwise literate elementary school teacher from that last post, one must prove one's authentic blackness, I guess. For many black people, I bet it takes effort to even get this down. As much as Peak Stupidity considers Øb☭ma an AntiChrist runner-up, I'll admit he was no ghetto dweller. He grew up around Indonesians, Hawaiians, and white people. I think he'd have to concentrate for a good while to get in the habit of saying "ask" wrong. I would bet money, still, that he pronounces it "aks" to his black friends on the phone. Øb☭ma would have to be careful in public as his sack-hanging white donors may be slightly turned off, if they heard this.

Why must you keep it real, causing that one more bit of separation between you and the normal-speaking (for the most part) Americans? You won't get a good answer from Peak Stupidity. Don't axe me why:

This very early 1980's song from Billy Joel's Glass Houses always brings back a good memory. It's from just a little bit past his prime, in my opinion, which was the period in which he recorded his albums Piano Man, The Stranger, and 52nd Street.

Looking back, we've only featured Billy Joel once before, with "Miami 2017", a great hard-rock number. It's time for some more from this guy soon.

* Spell-check is still kinda raciss, even in this day and age.

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