In other news, Mr. Fox appointed hen-house minister by Mr. Retarded Pig, barnyard Premier

Posted On: Saturday - January 14th 2017 7:19PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

A reader wrote this letter to VDare about Justin Beiber's Trudeau's pick of a Somalian man for immigration minister.

Re: John Derbyshire’s blog post Memo To Trump: Start Planning For A Northern Border Wall

From: An Anonymous Canadian Reader [Email him]

John Derbyshire beat me to it! I saw this appalling Star story before I left for work this morning. There are so many things wrong with this appointment, it’s hard to know where to begin.

However, two things come immediately to mind. 1) There is no recognition that there is a historic English-Canadian nation composed of white Europeans and this nation might have an interest in staying a majority in the country it created 2) Canadian immigration policy has become a post-national, anti-white ideological project completely divorced from Canada’s economic needs. [Former refugee Ahmed Hussen takes over immigration ministry by Alex Ballingall; Toronto Star, January 10th 2017.]

It’s troubling that the Star at least sees Ahmed Hussen’s status as a refugee as being more of a qualification for office than, say, a knowledge of economics and Canada’s labour force needs.

One reason I read the horribly globalist Star is that it has a lot of local news stories. Not a day goes by that the paper doesn’t have an article related to the fact that 100,000 new people come to the Greater Toronto Area every year: the skyrocketing cost of housing, the shortage and appalling state of Toronto’s public housing, controversial development proposals that promise to complete alter the character of residential neighbourhoods, our very expensive overburdened public transportation system, etc.

These articles often mention the 100,000 figure, but they NEVER question why this is happening. No journalist or local politician ever asks if it’s necessary to bring in all these people when the city’s manufacturing base has been decimated, when many immigrants end up in poverty working at minimum-wage jobs, etc. When I’ve raised the issue with local politicians, I get the usual clichés: immigrants are good for the economy, Canada has a low birth-rate, immigrants work hard and do the jobs Canadians won’t do, etc.

Just one bone to pick with the otherwise great letter. You've "raised the issue", huh? That's naive in this day and age. You have to realize that not only would said politician get in trouble for doing anything to help the regular Canadian people, as you would for speaking out, but he just does not care either. He's hoping he'll get through his career before "the shit goes down", and this won't happen if he goes against the status quo. Unless he's about 65 y/o though, he won't (get through before TSGD, I mean).

Here's the direct link to John Derbyshire's article, again.

Hey, if you Canadians are going to try to out-stupid your big-brother country Americans, you've got another think coming, eh? Keep up this crap and PeakStupidity will quit promoting the 30-40 year-old Canadian music!

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