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Posted On: Tuesday - September 3rd 2019 6:43PM MST
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  Race/Genetics  Educational Stupidity

It's that time of year again. Time for a real edumacation, not just that stuff your parents teach you because they love and want the best for you. No, this is straight outta Compton The State. The above "correction" of my son's paper is the real thing! Yeah, his handwriting is not the best, but then, still, please don't set a bad grammar example in your corrections, teacher.

Now, this lady is very nice, as every one of the elementary school teachers have been. She's not stupid. (I don't mean in the political world, because the Big-Ed business make them all pretty dense in that sense.) There's a minor racial angle here, I gotta say.

See, the "y" on the end of "can not hardly ready" is obviously a hand-o (typo by hand?), and with all the grading these teachers have to do, I can let that slide easily. However, the "not hardly" part is a different story. It's the kind of grammar that is so ingrained in a black lady that even after years of teaching, she can probably not shake off the verbal idiosyncrasies from use in her home life. It's that simple. She's got to "keep it real", as it were, even if it means writing with bad grammar in the corrections of the kids!

I had to start explaining already that the teachers and others in authority are not always right. One may as well start early in life. He gets it. He does need to work on the penmanship, though, as I ain't agonna stand for that sheeet, no way, no how.

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