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Posted On: Thursday - August 29th 2019 6:21PM MST
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(Stand by for one more "hey, read this!" post for the week.)

We've had our very slight quibbles with this still-#1 written pundit of Peak Stupidity's, as explained herein. However, she's still batting a .980 to .990, and Miss Coulter hit it out of the park with this one - Labor Day Safety Tip—Watch Out For Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens! (yeah, her snark comes out even in the titles).

Go read the whole thing before I start pasting almost every bit of it in. I have to put this:
Or, as the Huffington Post puts it: “Latinos At Greater Risk of Dying From Driving While Intoxicated.” They’re victims of the drunk driving epidemic! German Concentration Camp Guards At Greater Risk of Dying From Accidental Inhalation of Zyklon B.
What a wit, and, man, that Huff-Po headline is NOT a joke. I just clicked on it (so you wouldn't have to). I don't know what this type of lying is called - is there a long German word for it? Anyone ... anyone ... Dieter?

Anyway, Miss Coulter then quotes the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (like the NTSB, made up of decent people and one of the few US Feral Gov't agencies I could even stand to work for), thusly:
“The authors found that some Latino parents actively promoted drinking among their sons as a sign of masculinity or machismo. (A focus group) indicated drinking among Hispanics might be motivated by the need to prove their manhood within the Latino culture: ‘Everyone thinks they can handle alcohol, especially men.’ ... ‘A lot of Hispanics think that way. It’s the macho male and the woman gives in to the man. Machismo causes this behavior.’”
Before I go far into this, let me state right here, that I have absolutely nothing against alcoholics and drunkards. I am long past thinking the M.A.D.D. organization is anything but a bunch of harridans struck with major mission creep. Drinking is one's own business. They don't see it that way anymore, as just the anti-drunk-driving "space" is not lucrative enough, apparently.

Besides that, drinking on the road can be pretty damn safe, FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CAN DO THIS. Driving after having 2 or 3 glasses of wine is a whole lot safer than driving while picking out some new shoes off on-line Macy's. In the former case, at least you are looking out of the fucking window, through which the vehicles, people and animals you may hit can be seen!

These hispanics, though, go too far, per Miss Coulter's next bit:
The report also stated, “Mexican-American DWI offenders vastly overestimated the number of drinks required to make them unsafe drivers (eight to 10 drinks).”

It’s unclear if the NHTSA’s methodology took into account the effects of Cinco de Mayo.
[ LOL! ]
See, that 10 drinks might be OK if it were some of that "near beer" or a few of those fruity deals (although, don't expect your stomach to be OK with 10 of those). However, note that macho business. It can be a good thing, and maybe current-era Americans could use a bit more of that. The Mexicans, though, would not be caught dead drinking near-beer or Bartles & James, especially because it's usually the drunk ones who survive the collisions due to "relaxed".

Contrary to the "PEOPLE WHO CAN DO THIS" above, the drunk macho illegal Mexicans, after having blood alcohol levels of 0.15% and up through "comatose" are not of the mindset of "I can do this". When you're that drunk it's more "I don't' give a damn about anything." People have been getting killed regularly by illegal alien drunk drivers, while Americans have curtailed this habit quite a bit over the last 30 years.

You can read the rest of Ann Coulter's article for some of the stats and the sadness of it. Peak Stupidity will add another aspect that, though hitting it out of the park, mind you, this pundit did not get into. That aspect is the Anarcho-Tyranny of it all. It's a 2-part thing, as not only do indigents with nothing to lose get treated much more leniently by the law (after all, there's no big money for The State to confiscate), but also, these illegals are under a different method of justice.

Let me bring the latter part up first. If you're "undocumented", well, who will be keeping track of you after the court case or your inadvertent or purposeful release from the "justice" system? The thing is, just as with the Chinese illegal aliens, discussed in "(let me tell ya') It's More Fun, Bein' An Illegal Alien.", who in American law enforcement* will be able to pick the guy out of a line-up or the kitchen of a restaurant, next year, when truly they all look alike?

So, once the guy who ran over and killed your family (in my case, I'd just want him held long enough for me to arrive an put holes in both lungs) skips out, there is no easy way to find him in Ole Mexico. Hold on, it gets WORSE! See, there's no border control, so the guy can just come right back next year. He is no longer named Jose. He is Hose-B now. 2 years and 10 beers later, and who knows who else may die. It'd be bad enough WITH this proposed border "wall", as justice wouldn't be served. The current way is that a manslaughtering illegal alien can get away with it multiple times.

In the meantime, Mr. Upright IT guy, who had 1 extra Mai-Tai at Applebees, will have his life up-ended if he blows that 0.09%. Yeah, $10,000 in fines, extra-high insurance for 3 years, and probably a loss of his job, then the HR ladies will make it hard for him to get hired at another IT job. Now, if he's a .Indian and the company is .Indianed-up, including HR, then it's all good. That's more Anarcho-Tyranny there, but at the Big-Biz level.

There you have it. Illegal alien Mexicans can drink and drive and kill and maim people with little recourse, while Americans have to stay at home, and drink while writing their friends on the internet and maybe blogging ... just sayin' ....

Thank you Ann Coulter. Read the whole thing!

* Oh, "hire Hispanic people into the immigration enforcement agencies" you say? Yeah, no corruption will happen there, no, none at all...

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