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Posted On: Wednesday - August 21st 2019 10:10AM MST
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Having been on a trip with eyes wide open, there is enough stupidity in mind for 2 weeks of blogging. It's a matter of sorting it out. Then there is the usual stuff pointed out by Mr. Steve Sailer on his excellent iSteve blog (the motto of which should be: "I read the NY Times so you don't have to!"). However, this morning, my curmudgeonry about a topic discussed before (see Chipotle - no credit, no debit, and hold the E. Coli", along with "Cash is King - (Part 2)", and "Cash is King - (Part 3)" for more) got the better of me.

At the drug store a lady buying 2 items that totaled something like 3 dollars and 20 cents was ahead of me, as I waited to buy a couple of last-minute school supplies. I know it was 3 dollars and 20-odd cents because of the fact that I had to stand there for nearly 5 minutes to buy a 3-ring binder. See, the lady was trying to use a credit card that must have been a bit worn out*, and was swiping the living hell out of it, up, down, try up again, faster, faster, why not slower, I don't know ... Did she not have 4 bucks on her? How about in the ashtray of her vehicle, as it should always have some change (old prepper talk here)?

It's not just the lack of cash, though. As I commented in the 2nd stu-paragraph of "3 minor doses of stoopiditee. It all adds up, though.", sometimes there are transactions going on that are more complicated than the sale of a home would have been in the 1950's. Was the lady trying to make sure she got that 55 cent discount on one of the items which required an account? Hell, that was me the very day before, so I can't bitch too much here. Yesterday, I put in the usual made-up but well-remembered phone number, and it was a no-go from Houston Mission Discount Control. I won't go through that rant again, dubbed "BIG DATA can kiss my ass!", but I will say that now, in praise, that one can re-sign up to "be a member" right there on the POS (Point Of Sale, NOT Piece Of Shit!) system. How convenient! I just make up another account, and as the guy asked "is that your info., Jim?", I replied "close enough", as Jim is not my real name and it goes downhill from there. The guy actually chuckled - decent man.

Well, the lady today did not have the 4 bucks in cash, so she kept trying until she finally successfully paid for the 2 minor drug store items. I just imagined going back 30 years, when it would have taken all of 30 seconds. What you did back then is just freaking PAID FOR STUFF, not conduct complicated electronic transactions. That's what I did, just pay. "That was easy! Cash is still King, bitchez!

* BTW, a cashier long ago showed me a trick to enclose the card in a plastic grocery bag (the usual very thin kind) and swipe it then. It seems to work, when I ran into a problem - maybe it's a static electricity problem?? (I didn't have a chance to talk to this customer, as she was frantically swiping and wouldn't have listened to me.)

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