Racist Sentiments from the Ole East Bloc

Posted On: Monday - August 19th 2019 9:13PM MST
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It was our first day in Prague, Czechia*, and we saw 2 black people out of tens of thousands of people we must have set eyes on in this former East Bloc country's capital. Yet, somehow things are running fine there. Have we been told wrong by the experts who tell us what to believe on TV?

This is a subway ad about ... who knows, really?
Note that there are no obligatory black kids.

Again, yet the country has not fallen apart!

This was so refreshing. Yeah, you ($PLC hate-perusers - I know, OK, I hope, you're out there...) can call me those names. I don't care. Listen, black people have 2/3 of the huge continent of Africa. By no choice of their ancestors, there are 40 million or so in America. How about lets leave a few areas white and just see how that goes?

Many of the Socialists of an otherwise alt-right bent on-line will tell you that it's BECAUSE this country was Communist that it hasn't had the hell diversified out of it via population replacement. That is supposed to indicate the Communism/Socialism is good, and what they mistakenly think is capitalism (the crony capitalist/fascist system America runs on today) is bad, see.

On this point, Peak Stupidity maintains that those 43 years that Czechoslovakia/Czechia was under the thumb of Soviet Communism was not the reason there are things for us to envy there, and in Hungary nearby. I think the real advantage the former East Bloc nations have today is two-fold:

1) The Commies had defeated these nations from the outside. In the meantime, the US and Western Europe had kept the external Commies at bay, while mounting a piss-poor defense, if any, against the internal ones. Those internal Commies, distributed thoroughly among all the institutions of our society, are doing a bang-up job of destroying traditional culture. Was the USSR not sending their best minions, ones who understood that one must destroy the whole country? They thought they had these people licked already, I suppose.

2) Peak Stupidity speculated about the long-term effects of Communism on the Russians and the Chinese a while back. As far as these East Bloc countries, 43 years of that shit have at least made them worldly-wise and politically aware. That may be the reason they have been rejecting the dieversity and multi-cultural BS that is ruining the West.

PS: On the next day, we hung out in some open squares in the beautiful city of Prague. In these places, there were quite a few more black people, both among the tourist set, and the crowd hawking cheap stuff to, or entertaining, said tourists.

* It's hard to keep up, but they dropped the Slovakia 26 years back. Time flies! It is Czeck-o-slo-nothing now, but is more commonly known as the Czech Republic or Czechia

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