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Posted On: Friday - August 9th 2019 9:51PM MST
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Per the always informative and stupid, UK Daily Mail (much like the junk mail I get daily here in The States, we read about the latest activities of the past-prime musical artist Debra Harry, aka, "Blondie". (Actually Blondie is the name of the band too, and should get more credit than bands usually do.)

In a scene very reminiscent of The Office's Dwight Schrute CPR scene*, Blondie, the 66 year-old singer cut open some naked dummies of herself at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Gala and "both shocked and disgusted attendees". No, I doubt it. I don't think you can shock and disgust people in the Art or Rock & Roll business.
We're not sure what message this action was supposed to convey but it was successful in shocking the crowd.

Fortunately the wounded dumby
[sic, hahahaa!] didn't spurt blood as Harry reached into its chest and withdrew its heart.

As Debbie held the heart in the air it was revealed that it was in fact made of red velvet cake.
Mmmmm, red velvet cake is my favorite.

It's a party, and so long as it's not the taxpayers paying again, party on Debbie. Ohhh, wait...
The act proved controversial as some audience members began to chant: 'Violence Against Women! Violence Against Women!' in protest to the simulated violence.

One insider described the event as 'controversial and unnecessary' and added: 'This is appalling for women all over the world who suffer domestic violence.'
Hey, ya big dummies, dummies feel no pain. Their hearts are made out of red velvet cake, for cryin' out loud. Appalling, no Black Forest cake for the lungs, which could sure belt out a good song back in the day.

Peak Stupidity already featured our favorite Blondie song, disco-rocker Heart of Glass, but here's her (IMO, of course) 2nd best. As we dream of an end to the stupidity, "Dreaming is free":

This was from the Eat to the Beat album (previous Blondie song featured, Heart of Glass, was from Parallel Lines. Hey, Wiki says this song was inspired by the sound of ABBA, so it ties in with the previous post.

The band at its peak:

Debbie Harry - Lead vocals
Fred Smith – Bass (1974 - 1975)
Nigel Harrison – Bass (1978–1982, 1997)
Gary Valentine – Bass, guitar (1975–1977, 1997)
Frank Infante – Guitar, bass, backing vocals (1977–1982)
Billy O'Connor – Drums (1974-1975)
Clem Burke - Drums (1975 - )
Jimmy Destri – Keyboards, backing vocals

* part of Peak Stupidity's fun First Responders expose series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6

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