Global Climate DisruptionTM - The Politics (Part 4)

Posted On: Friday - January 13th 2017 8:53AM MST
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Let's wrap this up, whaddyasay? After long discourses on the difficulties of creating a working mathematical model of the entire world climate, then discussion of the politics involved in GCDTM, first wrt the "journalists", then the scientists, we come to the top of this scheme. (It's all here.)

I think that Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit says it best and the most times ;-} thusly:

"For the political leaders, well, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis."

I'm sure Professor Reynolds thinks of this the same way as PeakStupidity: No, they don't really believe it's a crisis (spoiler alert: IT'S NOT), but even if they did, these "leaders" - and we would add others - the outspoken idiot actors and musicians also - would not consider themselves as the ones to make any sacrifice of any sort. After all, they are our betters, the self-chosen elite, so there are much more of us peons to sacrifice our civilization and revert back to a middle-ages type lifestyle to keep the "Carbon in it's place". (Damn Carbophobic bastards, all of them!)

I would respect these people if they really did believe in the nonsense and lived a lifestyle that would allegedly mitigate the effects they are worried about - no, I still wouldn't believe them, because they are innumerate and have no understanding of science, but I would still respect them, so long as they weren't in a position of power over us with their bullshit.

Gonna have to do one more post ...

Friday - January 13th 2017 10:43PM MST
There is so much stupidity and so little time. We only have a small staff - do you want to join? ;-}
Dumb Bell
Friday - January 13th 2017 10:27AM MST
Hey, Why ain't you writing about the CIA and the PEOTUS. WeeWeeGate for starters is epically stupid.
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