Jumping the shark with Shark Mania

Posted On: Monday - August 5th 2019 8:22AM MST
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First, I thought it was just the fact that we had watched some TV the other day. As related last week in our 2nd post (3rd one if you go way back) on what is now "Nat Geo", there is this Shark Fest week or period of weeks going on. I don't think this is just the one channel. I saw a guy (not a kid, mind you) with a Shark Fest t-shirt on. Other people I know have heard about it.

I'll repeat this here, and as many times as it takes to wake people up about it, sharks are not our friends: As ranted about in Eat Mor Shark, Peak Stupidity stands firmly on the side of the shark hawks - sharks are ruthless killers with a 300,000,000 year-old mindset - they eat people, and we should eat them back, well, pre-emptively that is. They taste like, hell, BETTER THAN, chicken. If this ruins your immaculately-planned Shark Fest festivities, well so be it!

Like the Hammerhead above, who can see in almost all directions (per our kids books), I am a noticer. I don't have eyes like a Hammerhead, but, as is our mandate, I've been noticing the rise in stupidity in this country for years, and stupidity lies in the details. One of these details in my memory is of what was "trending" (we didn't use that word then) on TV and other media infotainment back 18 summers ago. It was 2001, remember that? Besides some long story about a congressman suspected, though later exonerated, of kidnapping a young pretty intern in Washington, there were a series of stories about shark attacks. Peak Stupidity's rants against these evil fish aside, shark attacks on humans are less of a threat than things like lightening strikes.

It was just the usual bread & circuses that summer 18 years ago, to keep the idiot boxes (the idiot "plates" were not around just yet) turned on, newspapers sold, and the eyeballs on the web-pages (the internet WAS around, and going like gangbusters). It was all sharks, sharks, sharks, though, until that September morning, when the country changed, or more accurately, WAS CHANGED, permanently for the worse.

Is this Shark Fest week nostalgia for that summer of 2001? It's probably just the usual distractions from the reality of our rise toward Peak Stupidity, but maybe something else big is coming. Like those Great Whites, either the world's elites are very very smart, or very, very dumb.

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