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Posted On: Saturday - August 3rd 2019 9:05PM MST
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I'd forgotten that Peak Stupidity already had an Al Stewart / History Rock week back 2 summers ago. Time sure passes quickly in the blog world. This title song from Mr. Stewart's great album Time Passages will end this week on a good note.

Because it must be hellacious to search for anything (so far) on this site, unless one is the lead blogger, I'll just list the posts with the Al Stewart songs Peak Stupidity has featured in the past. Yeah, I know, it's all on youtube anyway.

Roads to Moscow
On the Border
Warren Harding and The Palace of Versailles
A Man for All Seasons

Over 40 years has passed since Time Passages, and it sure brings back memories.

Monday - August 5th 2019 6:57PM MST
PS. Rhymes in Rooms from 92 is just Al and Peter White- wonderful stripped down versions of Al Classics. Time Passages and Flying Sorcery are particularly good.
Rex Little
Monday - August 5th 2019 8:56AM MST
You did tell me that, Achmed, but I never saw the post til today (didn't revisit that thread).

I'm a karaoke junkie. When I finally saw a karaoke version of "Time Passages", I assumed "home" was a mistake (that happens often with karaoke; I think a lot of it is done by people whose native language isn't English). After listening to your clip yesterday, I thought "Damn, that does sound like 'home'". I checked three different lyric sites, and they all agreed.

"Year of the Cat" - meh. OK song, but it never grabbed me the way "Time Passages" did. Then again, "Time Passages" might not have either if I'd heard the lyric right.
Monday - August 5th 2019 7:36AM MST
PS: Yep, there's been some "time passages" (ughhh) since then, but I was the one who told you that, Rex, in https://www.peakstupidity.com/index.php?post=1128 - the post about the Palace of Versailles. Yeah, your way is more poetic.

Speaking of poetic, the lyrics in "Year of the Cat" are awesomely poetic, IMO. Good lyrics with a good tune and great sound (the instrumentation) - now that makes a great song.
Rex Little
Sunday - August 4th 2019 8:55PM MST
"Time Passages" has been one of my favorite songs since it first came out. Until I listened to it just now, I always thought the recurring last line was "Buy me a ticket on the last train from tonight", which would fit the title and theme of the song. But it turns out that "from" is wrong; it's actually "home". Disappointing; it takes all the poetry out of the lyric.
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