Those Sharks that Swim on the Land

Posted On: Tuesday - July 30th 2019 10:11PM MST
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Let us throw a little chum out to the Parrotheads tonight. After all that talk about sharks, we'd be remiss in not including this Jimmy Buffet song off of his fun album Volcano (from 1979). Jimmy Buffet is no erudite history rocker, but he knows his sailing, and flying too. Which would be a more fun life, that of a Man of all Seasons enlightenment scientist or that of a "Son of a Son of a Sailor" like Jimmy Buffet? It's a win either way, IMO.

About the sharks now, and I'm not even going to mention those other sharks that swim on the land, with those JD degrees and ambulance-chasing BMWs. Way back, in a post called Eat Mor Shark, Peak Stupidity urged the reader to watch a movie like Jaws and get back to us about these vicious Apex predators. If you ever have the experience, and I hope you have, of being too close to a Great White, with it's 1 1/2 in. teeth in rows of hundreds, you'd probably be the first to raise your hand during the Friends of the Sea Creatures board meeting and just tell the Chapter President:
"Listen, I don't give a crap about the ecosystem, man, that shark was 2 seconds away from taking my arm off! I will be the first man to sell shark steaks, shark fin, shark eyeballs, and shark intestines at wholesale, hell, at a loss. I'll do whatever it takes to make these godless, Communist, 300 million y/o old-species bastards wish they'd never seen my face. They will be the most endangered species Friends of the Sea Creatures has ever had to raise money for, more endangered than the Dodo Freakin' Bird, man! Take my lifetime membership card and shove it up your ass! [We're gonna need a bigger blog.]
That was just my interpretation of shark-induced PTSD at a meeting of the treehuggers.

Without any further weirdness, here you go, Parrotheads, I'll just throw this off the stern for y'all:

"Can't you feel 'em circlin', honey?
Can't you feel 'em schoolin' around?
Fins to the left, fins to the right,
and you're the only bait in town."

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