What've we got against Pope Francis, anyway?

Posted On: Friday - January 13th 2017 8:03AM MST
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A lot, that's what!

This Zerohedge article of a few days back reports that this guy put his two papal cents in regarding world financial affairs control:

As the new year dawns, it seems the current occupant of St. Peter’s Chair will take on a new function which is outside the purview of the office that the Divine Founder of his institution had clearly mandated. Besides being a self proclaimed expert on global warming and a vociferous advocate of societal-wrecking mass immigration, it looks as if “Pope” Francis has entered the realm of global economics specifically, international monetary policy.

In an 18-page document issued through the Vatican’s Office of Justice and Peace, Bergoglio has called for, among other repressive and wealth-destructive measures, the establishment of a “supranational [monetary] authority” to oversee international monetary affairs:

In fact, one can see an emerging requirement for a body that will carry out the functions of a kind of ‘central world bank’ that regulates the flow and system of monetary exchanges similar to the national central banks.

Is there any wonder our software has automatically assigned all posts about this man to the Commies topic key?

PeakStupidity and Zerohedge both detest the global elites and their plans for control of money and other aspects of the lives of us peons. We cannot speak for Zerohedge, but to re-iterate, we at PeakStupidity do not believe there is some long-term overarching conspiracy with conspirators running the show. It's just that these people think the same way, and they do hang out a lot. This pope either works for or with some of the evil elites of this world*

Besides his mouthing off on the whole Global Climate DisruptionTM nonsense repeatedly, this globalist wants to tell us how a world central bank should run our financial system? (I imagine Ron Paul would not be welcome during mass at this point.) In this post we opined about Pope Francis meddling in world politics. It's one thing to ask for peace, and pray for every human being in all kinds of sad conditions throughout the world. However, as that post pointed out, he advises the Western World to allow their countries to be invaded and overrun - that will not lead to peace, we at PeakStupidity guaran-damn-tee you.

Lastly, along with other hypocritical stuff, Pope Francis had a lot to say about the US election, and it seems like he took sides to me. How is his bloviating not meddling in the same way as the publishing of actual (nobody says they were faked) emails proving corruption of one party's management and the Hildabeast itself? This meddling could be considered a major foreign influence on the election '16, as this guy is the top man of all the Catholics in the world. How many does he influence in the US? Pope Francis, if it's not about God, and or Jesus, just shut your pie hole!

OK, before we forget, LIGHTEN UP, FRANCIS!

Watch the entire 46 seconds -- funny, funny stuff:

(His name was Francis Soyer. /ZH)

*BTW, want a second opinion about this guy? Read this lady's website sometime - Miss Barnhardt is a serious, balls-to-the-wall Catholic, and she could tell you more than you wanted to hear. She deserves a post of her own here, upcoming at PeakStupidity.

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