Latino Littering vs. the old American Ingenuity

Posted On: Thursday - July 25th 2019 7:14PM MST
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The mobile dumpster takes to the road:

Steve Sailer has been on a tear lately* about the Latino Littering - OK, Chicano, wait, Hispanic - no, Latino it is, as this is all about alliteration. (C'mon bloggers, whaddya' need a refresher course? It's ALL alliteration nowadays!) It's not just the littering itself he notes, but the ctrl-left's cognitive dissonance about it. They just do not want to admit something that is right in front of their faces windshields.

It becomes very difficult for people to hold one opinion, that these model immigrants are as good as, or most likely better, than Americans, yet see that it is just not so in many aspects. Americans, for the most part, got over our littering phase in the 1970's, quite a bit after Lady Bird Johnson's "litterbug" campaign (one of the least annoying of the un-elected-first-lady programs). We all were pretty broken up by that crying Indian by the roadside on TV.** This was very timely, as America still had only 200 million people back then, so things were not so trashed to begin with, and there was a smaller and more united population to educate. The ctrl-left, with this great cognitive dissonance in their heads, get very perturbed when anything in the actual world is brought up, so they naturally lash out with lots of TWEETS. That's what the Sailer articles (linked-to below) are about.

Anyway, it was a VDare letter that I read yesterday, A Talk Radio Listener Shares His Eyewitness Account Of Latino Littering In Mexico AND The US, that got me thinking of some funny stuff related to littering during the old America.

See, this friend of mine's family had a 20 ft Bayliner boat, good enough to go out on the lake with. When they used it, they could tow it with a number of their large American cars that lots of us had 30 years ago, if they ran, that is. This Malibu or Chevelle of my friend's was hooked up to the boat trailer last. It kinda had to be, as the trailer hitch had the usual padlock through the mechanism, and unfortunately the key to said padlock was long gone.

Therefore, my friend he would simply drive around town with the boat in tow, whether anyone wanted to go out on the lake or not and no matter what time of year. Sure, your mileage is gonna suffer, but gas was at a relative low then. At this time, it hadn't been that long since that cryin' Indian got us all choked up, and this guy was not around to see him anyway, so there was still a decent amount of littering "going on".

But, then, you've got the boat. It's right back there. The beauty of this situation is that one could simply toss beer cans or food wrappers back there into the boat! It was a roving dumpster that needed to be emptied out infrequently, perhaps when one wanted to go to the lake.

One more story is that this same guy, on one of his long road trips x-country, spilled some hot coffee out the window of his pick-up. He must not have been checking his mirrors as a bunch of coffee made it onto the windshield the highway patrolman on his tail! Though the officer was not pleased, a liquid is not litter, am I right? "Tell that to the magistrate."

* See Why Does Mentioning Latino Littering Trigger Liberals Into Rage? and Liberals War On Noticing Latino Littering.

** Really, as Peak Stupidity discussed in Are American Indians Slobs - based on one very good datapoint of personal experience, BTW - it was easy for Mother Earth to clean up after (in the neighborhood of) 5 million Indians on the vast North American continent. Perhaps more Americans could have been convinced to quit throwing coke cans and Big Mac wrappers out the window if we'd have had a more realistic example of a perturbed guy on TV. It should have been a white man in an orange jumpsuit, having to hang out with a dozen punks from the county lock-up by the shoulder over the Interstate due to his getting that 4th DUI.

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