Mencius Moldbug and "Unqualified Reservations"

Posted On: Tuesday - July 23rd 2019 9:04PM MST
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Curtis Yarwin, aka Mencius Moldbug:

In our post yesterday that linked to two sources of the idea of American society as a new type of hierarchy, one of the source was one Mencius Moldbug. He is fairly well-known, at least on some corners of the internet. Per wiki, which shouldn't be trusted but so far on anything regarding a political pundit, such as this guy, Mr. Yarwin is known to have been read by Steve Bannon, formerly of the Trump administration. Good on Mr. Bannon, as Mr. Yarwin is a great writer (a computer guy by trade) with some amazing ideas, not all of which I will end up agreeing with, though, from first glance.

My first glance was initially just to see what the large article I linked to yesterday was really a part of. Well, my apologies on any disparagement of long-windedness by Mr. Moldbug (I'll use the pseudonym from here on, at least regarding his writings) in my footnote, as what I linked to was a web-book, not an article. A GENTLE INTRODUCTION TO UNQUALIFIED RESERVATIONS is a book-length explanation of Mr. Moldbug's website, Unqualified Reservations. Mencius Moldbug quit his writing on "Unqualified Reservations" in the over 5 years ago (with a short goodbye in '16). He had started writing in '07, and there is much there to be read, possibly months of reading, I'd guess. Then there are 10 or so web-books of his for sale on amazon, but I don't know if they are just compilations of his long essays.

Was Curtis Yarwin doxxed as Mencius Moldbug during 2016 as it was found out that Mr. Bannon read him? I really tried to find something on this, but this sounds too political to even get the answer on duckduckgo (so far, nothing)? I thought maybe he'd quit in '14 knowing he would get political in the real world in the near future. This paragraph is speculation, so I'd appreciate a comment (please type in PS at the beginning, per instructions) if any reader knows anything more than I do.

Anyway, Moldbug's "Unqualified Reservations" is something I can read in any copious spare time I end up with. No matter if it gets a bit weird, as I see coming, it's very entertaining.

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