Snowflakes come in infinite shapes and sizes

Posted On: Tuesday - July 23rd 2019 8:28PM MST
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While up in the formerly great white North again, I had a conversation with a very nice employee on a number of occasions. It turns out we knew some places in common, and we exchanged numbers for possible contact later on. I was trying to set the guy up with some help in his hobby and knew just the guy, who lived coincidentally very close to this guy's 2nd home.

He was not at all what one would think as a fragile snowflake, as per our Student and Other Snowflakes (yeah, it got expanded) Topic Key. A big guy who lives part-time in that 2nd home up in the severe cold, he must see a lot of snowflakes, but how could he be one?

It was just a matter of the end of a conversation we had when I was leaving. A local story was in the news of a young lady getting abducted and killed by a black man (arrested soon after). I knew something of it and mentioned that the young girls ought to be taught more about where they shouldn't hang out at night at late hours. It was particularly a very naive move by, not just the murdered young lady, but afterwards by her friends, whose memorial to her showed that they sure had not learned a damn thing. It's a matter of race and stereotypes that are true. Do you want to be racist and alive, or purposefully naive and dead? That's the question.

Well, where this guy lives up north is becoming not so pure-white anymore. I mentioned that this type of happening would be something to think about for people in his area now. Oh, no, he did not want to say another word. Was it that he really doesn't believe anything will change? I can't be sure, but I don't really think so. This big snowflake didn't have the guts that it takes to speak a bit of truth, even just between the two of us, and, after all, I brought up the subject. If you can't even speak some truth, even between two acquaintances in private, well, then you are a delicate snowflake, if only on the inside. America doesn't need any more of this. Snowflakes will melt along with the rest of the country.

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