The 500 MAGA hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

Posted On: Monday - July 22nd 2019 4:09PM MST
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One of Steve Sailer's posts the other day featured an interesting thought from one of his commenters that Mr. Sailer featured in his post The New Hierarchy of Innate Privilege. To give credit where it's due, mostly likely independently, one of the commenters also mentioned this article by the pundit Mencious Moldbug*, the very last part of which very entertainingly presents the same thought, about 10 years back.

The general reference in Mr. Sailer's commenters writing comes from the latest peak-of-stupidity blast of infotainment about one Georgia State Representatard Erica Thomas. Not in her position as an esteemed member of the Georgia house, but as a Publix grocery shopper, she created this "news" blast due to being disrespected by a man at the store who deemed to talk to her about her having hauled way more than 10 items through the express check-out lane. (Hey, this isn't a big Peak Stupidity peeve, but from the XXX posts with the Curmudgeonry Topic Key, the reader can see we've got lots of our own originals!)

There were tweets and rumors of tweets ... and then retractions when the lady thought that the man in question** could prove what had really been said from store security camera footage. (Nope, he couldn't but how's a Representatard to know?) People gave press conferences in which they postured, backed-off, and tried to defend themselves.

The idea in that comment and Moldbug's article is that that America has lately become a hierarchical society, such as those of Middle Ages Europe. It's not the warrior class that's on top nowadays, but the non-whites of all sorts, the unusually-gendered, and the immigrants from the 3rd world. The regular American whites are the commoners and should be treated as such, per this new hierarchy.

As often was the case in the days of old when a member of the nobility could have numerous titles, this Erica Thomas holds a couple of spots in the hierarchy simultaneously. She is both A Person of the Sum of All Subtractive Colors and, being in the Georgia House, The Baroness of Lower Cobb County. Holding these two prestigious titles SHOULD give her more respect, and the fact that a commoner would dare to question her use of the 10-items-or-less line at Publix is an example of how our society is just going straight to hell.

What this incident reminds me of is that Brazilian woman grabbing a Boston man's MAGA hat story from early this year as compared to an old Dr. Seuss tale, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins***.

Commoner's MAGA hat gets grabbed by a member of the immigrant nobility:

That is America of the current era. Read that early-'19 post if you don't recall the incident. A (actual) Boston man was simply eating his breakfast out, when a Brazilian immigrant broad decided that his MAGA hat should not be worn in front of her. She's apparently part of the new nobility, and commoners should know better. Of course, he'd sure better not slug her or even talk back, or others in the nobility will start proceedings to remove him from his job, career, and maybe, indirectly, his family. You've got to know your place.

Bartholomew Cubbins tries his damndest to take off his hat for the King:

One could have nightmares about it - you're surrounded by the black, brown, antifa, and immigrant nobility, but you forgot to leave your MAGA ball cap at home. As the crowd closes in, you take the hat off, but there's another one under it. This crazy shit keeps going as you are running around the Publix store scattering those red MAGA caps all over the produce section like Bartholomew Cubbins. "Off with his job and career!" Alas, that's the life of a commoner.

* Go waaaay down to the bottom - there are multiple subjects in his article linked-to here. A friend has told me of reading articles by Mr. "Moldbug" before. He is apparently pretty long-winded, but if that entertaining article is any indication, I wouldn't mind that at all! He's a very good writer.

** Mr. Eric Sparks, the commoner who dared speak to noblewoman Erica Douglas, defended himself by telling us he'd voted "D" (Blue-squad) his whole life, and that he's no racist, he's Cuban. Ooookay then, at least this incident had some "news you can use". If I ever get called that evil, evil word, I now have it memorized: "I'm not racist, I'm Cuban!"

*** BTW, for a Dr. Suess book, this one is a bit too adult for a 6 y/o who can read it. I have memories of long ago thinking of that poor boy running about trying to fix things so that he won't be beheaded.

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