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Posted On: Wednesday - July 17th 2019 7:05PM MST
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This post is nothing but a quick shout-out to Steve Sailer for his latest great article* on the Takimag** website, the name of which is our title.

There's lots of stupidity on deck for the rest of the week, but here we'll just urge you to read this Steve Sailer article. I think he's been getting better and better with the writing of articles vs. his shorter, snarkier blog posts. He's been combining his great ideas nicely lately, and even ending with a proper concluding paragraphs.

Mr. Sailer's "World's Most Important Graph":

The graph above goes with the article, which combines the immigration "National Question" with extremely worrisome (most important graph indeed) population trends, along with the author's "coalition of the fringe", "intersectionality"***, and the "circular firing squad" of the ctrl-left's current American politics.

On this one, in particular, I can see that Mr. Sailer has turned the PIC, (Political InCorrectness) up quite a bit, not to 11, but at least to 7- 8 on the knob. It's a welcome change, as I think he would normally hold back a bit on the articles that I'd seen him write vs. the short posts on the same subjects on his iSteve blog on unz.com. For instance, in his column Dubious Domination, on women's soccer, he wrote on his own blog, in a previous post "America dominates women’s soccer for the same reason South Korea dominates women’s golf: because nobody else cares.", haha! He toned it down, just a tad, in the Takimag article, to " … because nobody else has much cared.".

I think the hard-core snark and PIC is a better way to go. The ctrl-left will not like you any better if you soften up the tone. He may as well go all out. That goes for all of us.

OK, just a bit here, to see the great writing and the PIC of Steve Sailer today:
While this would have seemed like an insane debate as recently as, say, 2011, there is a strategic electoral logic behind the Democrats’ Great Awokening that is constantly pushing them in an ever more antiwhite direction. As a Coalition of the Fringes, the only thing that holds together the Democrats is demonizing core Americans. Without ever increasingly whipping up hatred of whites, what is there to keep the Democrats’ collection of miscellaneous identity groups from turning on each other?

For example, the current fracas broke out with an intra-Democratic dot vs. feather brawl between two flavors of Indians. The brains behind Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) operation, her tech-millionaire chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, went on the warpath against fellow Democrats. Chakrabarti denounced as racist those who aren’t quite extremist enough on immigration, such as Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS), who is advertised as “the first openly LGBT Native American elected to the United States Congress.”
Excellent stuff. Please take the 5 minutes to read the whole thing.

(Peak Stupidity has been doing pretty well in avoiding the "hey, read this" type posts over the last year, if we do say so ourselves. Occasionally, we really would like the reader to check out something this good. More stupidity tomorrow.)

* To read or write comments, go to the quick summary here.

** Peak Stupidity has mentioned this on-line magazine before. Our 2nd-favorite regular writer there would have to be Jim Goad, with discussion of his writing here, here, and here.

*** As opposed to Peak Stupidity's intersectional stupidity ideas, which are about actual traffic intersections.

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