Congressditz Occasional-Kotex OWNED by ex-ICEman

Posted On: Saturday - July 13th 2019 7:24PM MST
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OK, in that title, I picked up the new A.O.C. designation from a commenter on unz. I really like that one! I only used this "owned" term, though, because it is well known now. I don't like that one, cause I don't get it.

Peak Stupidity has mentioned this young Socialist Congressditz before as one of the "young turds" grouping of the Blue-squad in intense competition to outstupid each other as leader of said squad of The Party. However, believe it or not, I have never seen her on any video before, other than just going by the imitation of this cute, hilarious 8 year-old.

I have to say here then, she is very pretty, at least with her congressional make-up ensemble, in the video below. However, as this clueless broad tries to act like the normal bureaucratic actions* of the US Government in even trying to defend the southern border are criminal in some way, ex-ICE director Tom Homan rips her a proverbial new one. Because this late-twenty-something woman is cute, it's hard to hate her, but I'd rather just see her tend bar back in NY City, flirting with the clientele and probably showing a little cleavage. That's what she is made for, and those are probably the quick thoughts in her head as she is rendered thankfully speechless by Mr. Homan's common-sense logic at the end.

It's simple, and most Americans have already thought this, if they haven't verbalized it: If I get arrested for DUI, my family will get separated that night, and convicted for a burglary a whole lot longer than that. What do you expect when you break into a country? You know, if President Trump was a little quicker on his feet with the logic, such as the words out of Tom Homan, it'd sure be nice to see. I think less and less of the guy every day.

* No, we think it's better than giving up, but this bureaucracy-as-normal business will not cut it. We need a serious border barrier and guys tasked to shoot if necessary.

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PS it was grand, and long overdue.
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