There's a gator in the bushes, he's callin' my name...

Posted On: Wednesday - January 11th 2017 7:28PM MST
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... (and he says) c'mon boy, you better make it back home again.

Yesterday's song by Jerry Reed brought up gators, so here is Gator Country by Molly Hatchet. It's some real Southern Rock from late-70's real Florida*, with plenty of guitars and a nice long jam after the lyrics. The lyrics, BTW, are just ragging on other Southern Rock bands/artist in good nature.

A little bit o' that chomp-chomp:

* Only state of the United States in which you've gotta head north to get to the South.

Buck Turgidson
Saturday - February 4th 2017 12:39PM MST
This is more damned good music from P.S. Me and my homies listened to this cassette tape as much as any other back in our salad days in the late 70s.
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