Millennial couple fails to GoFu__Themselves

Posted On: Thursday - July 11th 2019 3:47PM MST
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The title is in reference to the social media "sharing economy" GoFundMe site. I sure hope the reader would not erroneously assume that Peak Stupidity has a cuss word right up in the post title.

A friend sent me a link to a ZeroHedge article a while back about this young German couple that have have the not-even-close-to-mitigated gall to use GoFundMe not for a political cause, not for hardship of any sort, but for a trip to Africa. They want to bicycle through Africa, and they would like you to go ahead and fund them with 11 thousand bucks. Dammit, it ain't cheap down there in the Dark Continent anymore.

Go Fund You?! How about Go Fu__ Yourselves, Bitches*?!

(Sorry for small image, as the file-type conversion caused it to be pretty large data-wise.)

If you are in the mood for some humor, go to the ZH post, as, for a change, "Tyler Durden" gives lots of credit to commenters associated with the original instagram, uh, gram(?) No, I'm not going there, but I also recommend clicking on ZH's [SHOW COMMENTS]. These are not the awesome ZeroHedge commenters of yesteryear, but it's still bound to be a hoot.

Now, I'm all awfully close to going ahead and making a topic key called "Millennials", but the posts that I would attach the key to would probably turn-off a large majority, or at least a quorum, of Peak Stupidity's Millennial audience. Therefore, I'll keep this stuff under the Curmudgeonry topic key.

My problem with you people is not the $11,000, but the tattoos. It's one thing to have something to cover up a bad spot, or a small little memento on the shoulder blade or thigh. Look at this guy. He's basically one big tattoo! How much does that stuff cost? Thankfully, the wife or girlfriend is not covered with modern art. "You know, Fräulein, you coulda done a whole lot better." Then again, anyone who sticks with this walking doodle must not have it all on the ball either. "You know, you both could have done a whole lot better!"

Then there is the whole Social Media angle in this story and this young couple. The Instagram, Tweets, and comments that go with it are not the real world, Herr and Frau Illustrated Man. Perhaps you should get back into the real world to earn that money for your trip. It'd take something called work, which is, no, no, it's not a phone app.

I hope these 2 do earn their money though, possibly having to even scrimp on the weekly tattoo money, and end up in Africa for a spell. When you're down in the bush, in oooga-booga land, hungry for a snack of monkey brains, well, they don't take Visa, they don't take Mastercard, and they don't have wifi for you to Instagram your friends about it. Peak Stupidity and 8 billion other humans would be glad to not hear from you all for a month or two, and from the end of the ZH article, I find that it's likewise, after a little feedback:
Cat has now posted that the couple will be taking a 30 day break from social media to do some "soul-searching".
Arguing for hours on the internet is not very productive, as I found out just this very afternoon on another site. I hope Illustrated Man and his squeeze will get back into the real world and earn their own money, especially before they do something stupid like ride a bike through Africa!

* If you've been any kind of serious Zerohedge aficionado you've got to use that "Bitches" appropriately (usually "Bitchez" if used in a friendly manner).

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