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Posted On: Tuesday - July 9th 2019 10:53AM MST
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"Hey, I'm all ears."

The above images is from Peak Stupidity's post over 2 years back called The Deep State vs. Donald Trump - remember Candidate Ross Perot?. It wasn't THAT awful long ago, but a full 27 years, since that summer in which Mr. Perot was a strong 3rd candidate for President (his non-party later to become the "Reform Party"), his dropping out and then rejoining of the race, and still getting 19% of the popular votes of Americans.

Mr. Perot died this morning of Leukemia at 89 years old. You can read about his life elsewhere. Peak Stupidity would just like to point out that this country really still had a chance with guys like this, and Americans who would vote for him, back in the early, and even mid 1990's. Look at the ineffectual blowhard we have now, who patriotic Americans had really put their hopes on. Look at the sick, anti-white-American hard-Socialist crew of scum that are running for D'nomination - the Old Pharts and Young Turds described Ocasio-nally herein.

Mr. Perot was a former computer-biz executive who really did know what was going wrong with the country and had plans to do something about it. He was not the first (that might go to '92 D-candidate Paul Tsongas) to talk about how important manufacturing is to the American, or ANY, economy, but he laid his opinion out there. "NO NAFTA" for starters - there'd be a "giant sucking sound" - he was referring to good jobs. Yes, they've been sucked, but the NAFTA deal sending manufacturing to Mexico was just the John-the-Baptist of the trashing of American manufacturing might, with the Clinton/Bush/US Congressional China agreements knocking the BeJesus out of it a few years later.

Mr. Ross with his ebullient personality:

There was room for argument back in 1992. Arguing for a future for traditional America was still allowed and not tweeted as shamefully racist. Though the picture below of the 3 '92 Presidential candidates is all smiles, it's too bad only one of the 3 was not a traitorous or neocon scumbag bent on destruction of the country. We thought there was still a chance back then.

No, not a chance now.

"♪♫♬ Where have you gone, Ross Perot?
Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you ♪♫♬ ...

RIP, H. Ross Perot.

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