Courting the "Goldfish" vote

Posted On: Monday - July 8th 2019 10:22AM MST
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I will not vote for a guy who favors electric eels!

Now here's that same guy - he's anti-electric eel. You got my vote!

The infotainment that I've been reading about regarding the Blue-squad of the party and the current crop of Old Pharts and Young Turds, along with an unz commenter's excellent point, got me thinking of this post's subject. It's the primary election season, at least for the D's (Blue-squad). The amount of stupidity that's been introduced by these useful idiots has been mighty intense (see posts on the vetting by pro race hustler Al Sharpton and on reparations to slaves from masters).

The political wonks and pundits will tell you that, yes the ctrl-left candidates of the Blue-squad have to go hard-left during the primaries and the cuckservative candidates of the Red-squad have to go hard-to-the-middle(?) during their primary elections. They have to get the hard-core side of their voters, the ones that care the most and will come out to vote in the primary, on-board at this point, damn the optics to the rest of the American voters. Then, after they've got it nailed down, they start easing off and spouting rhetoric that is just slightly more sane to get those independent voters on-board. I don't at all disagree with this opinion of how the process works. My beef is with the American voters themselves.

How short are the memories of Americans when it comes to politics? I get it, that 50 or 100 years ago, whatever went on, other than Declarations of War, were not really going to affect the average American. The American of yesteryear could afford not to give a tinker's damn (I think that was the expression of yesteryear?) about politics. Now, things are coming to a head here, so you'd think an American who was up for voting would at least pay attention to what's going on. Paying attention means not forgetting what was done or said some years back, or at least 6 months ago during the primaries!

You've got Joe Biden in the lead (of the Old Pharts coalition). Does nobody remember that the guy was caught plagiarizing and flat-out lying during the 1988 D-primary? OK, that was 30 years back, but it's like it never happened. Has he been forgiven? Nah, it's just that nobody remembers, and the Lyin' Press will not bring up anything that hurts the ctrl-left. How about Squaw Elizabeth of the Warren Nations of the upper Massachusetts? Within Peak Stupidity's post Another Native American succumbs to alcoholism´╗┐, we mentioned that the squaw had written what sounds to be a very conservative and anti-feminism book only 15 years ago. All of what she wrote in it may not be her present opinion, but has anyone ever asked her? No, the voters don't remember squat about this squaw. The Lyin' Press wants this squaw as she is now, to they won't bring it to the voter's attention.

Let's go to the much shorter time-line mentioned in the beginning. A candidate says hard-left opinion A during the primary, but then blows it off or even disavows opinion A during the general election. Does this candidate just assume that the American voters are like goldfish and won't remember what he said 3 to 6 months ago, or does he just figure they don't mind candidates who lie blatantly? I don't think it's any better if it's the former, really. Things are coming to a head, as I said, and it'd behoove the voters to pay the hell attention. It's not like people have terrible long-term memories for all things. Ask an American about the times their college basketball team got in the final four. You'll find out who the coach was, what scandals he was involved in, who beat out the team, or who they beat, each time, and more than you ever wanted to know.

When it comes to politics, though, it seems that Americans are like that goldfish in the bowl, not remembering what he saw last time around the tank. The politicians at the high level pretty much count on that. They are courting the valuable goldfish vote, each and every time around.

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