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Posted On: Saturday - July 6th 2019 1:08PM MST
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Unaudited file photo of Congresstard Fredrica Wilson and House Colleague:

Peak Stupidity discussed some unintentionally-Orwellian unforced stupidity out of Congresstard Fredrica Wilson yesterday. I'd like to add a little bit more today, with the appropriate humor, especially on the ongoing stupid vs. evil debate, which if very relevant to this site's purpose.

If you don't recall from yesterday, Rep. Wilson had the gall to tell Americans that they are not allowed, or should not be allowed, to criticize members of Congress. I've never before heard of that extreme stupidity, but this type of claptrap out of our elected leaders has been around for quite some time, as the US Constitution, supposed law of the land, has been ignored for years now. Sure, you'll hear something out of the SCROTUS, and maybe a few words from a Rep. or Senator about Constitutionality now and again, but it's usually just to justify a law, not to really obey the document. In this Alice-in-Wonderland clown country of ours, the Constitution means what they say it means and nothing else.

The useful idiots of today (and maybe it WAS the same last time around) are not just located at the low level of the Antifa thugs. The term would apply to quite a few people high up in US government, as standards are, if I may, not quite those of the First Congress in 1789, or even 1989, for that matter. The AA and gerrymandering, along with the allowance of all citizens and some illegal aliens to vote, has produced electees as stupid as their electors, which is to be expected.

So, you've got these people with the moronic tyrannical statements that do make us angry at the logic and consequences of their proposals. As I wrote yesterday, people like Fredrica Wilson aren't even spouting managed stupidity from some evil handlers behind the scenes. No, this stuff is organic stupidity that just happens to coincide nicely with the Orwellian stuff that the brighter-but-evil people like the Soroses and such types arrange.

It doesn't matter though. Stupidity + Power = Evil - this is a new equation from the PS Theoretical Stupidity department, located in the basement of our headquarters. It's not the only way evil is created, but this exothermic reaction is one of the bigger sources leading to Peak Stupidity.

Sure sometimes we can laugh it off, as the fate of Guam really doesn't mean a rat's ass in terms of the fate of the world. However, what if they let this guy join some other committees in the "halls of power" in Washington, FS? This is Congressman Hank Johnson below, and I can't believe I haven't included this clip before, some truly classic stupidity here.

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