Current-Era Espionage and Immigration

Posted On: Friday - July 5th 2019 5:57PM MST
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Maybe we shoulda' had "Chinese" in the title, but it's really that twhich country of origin of the perpetrator this latest bout of espionage of US military/trade secrets is not important. It's the massive immigration and the PC, period.

Per the Lyin' Press, as VDare references here, this "California Professor", "UCLA Professor", and "Electrical Engineer" (no mention of his origins and pre-immigrant status*) faces 219 years for smuggling military hardware computer chips back to the old country. We know where his loyalty lies, but how about the ~ 5 million other Chinese immigrants in the US, or from anywhere for that matter?

This spy was from Taiwan, but there have been numerous mainland Chinese, such as "LA Woman" Si Chen, who fill up the grad schools of engineering and computer science and, later, in their careers, the government labs. In a sane country, you'd really want to limit this sort of thing to people who have at least grown up, maybe even been born, in the country. You especially would not hire people who aren't even freakin' citizens, such as "California Professor" Yi-Chi Shih from the article referenced above and his accomplice "Kiet Ahn Mai of Pasadena, California", apparently from that appellation, not from any kind of foreign country or anything himself, well, just Pasadena.

During the Cold War of 30 to 72 years back, there was none of this stupidity by the somewhat different crowd that ran the Military-Industrial Complex. Call them whatever names you want, but at least they didn't sabotage their own industry and their country via Political Correctness. They went overboard on the D,I.S. background checks and so forth. But no, what this is, is PC over sanity in the defense of the nation. Now you may rightly argue that this is no Cold War era and we don't have any enemies. Well, really we shouldn't have any military enemies, but that's not what our Deep State and Neocons have arranged for us. Even without military enemies, our biggest economic challenger (most likely larger than us in the REAL economy) is China. Why give the rest of our technology away?

Oh, it's just a few bad apples, right? Sure, it is. Most of the Chinese immigrants are not here for espionage, but just to take advantage of the lifestyle of the Western world. (It's not like they all revere the Constitution either, BTW.) It's just a matter of large numbers. You let in millions, and you're gonna get a few hundred spies. The grad schools admit 1/2 a million, and then the research labs hire 10's of thousands and give out security clearances. Did they even notice that UCLA Professor Yi-Chi Shih was NOT EVEN A CITIZEN?! The guy is not an American. So, yes, we'll get more bad apples.

It's not just the Chinese that we import willy-nilly in large numbers, so this is not any particular disparagement of them. It's just that, well, the Moslem world may send their best, but, as we have seen from the lack of easy-to-implement terrorism incidents, they are just not that bright. (Sure, there was Ahmed the clock boy, but President Øb☭ma already outed him ... with a medal or scholarship or something.)

The Chinese do have some smart people, so should we not keep a better vetting system in place? Nope, the PC rules, and you know that none of the HR ladies** would dare to question the loyalty of one green-card holder Yi-Chih Shih, recently of Taiwan, but known only as "California Professor" Shih.

* Another perfect example of what VDare has been pointing out for years, the purposeful failure to provide the reader with appropriate nomenclature for non-ordinary-Americans in headlines and lede(?) lines when reporting on wrongdoing. Peak Stupidity pointed out an example brought up by VDare just this Tuesday.

** More on the HR ladies in Part 2 and Part 3.

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