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Posted On: Tuesday - July 2nd 2019 6:59PM MST
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What do they call it, the lead, or the lede? What is that? I don't really give a crap about the "real" journalists and what their "professional" terms are. It's the headlines that they use now to obscure the truth and in this case it's the first two lines in the article that uses to flat out lie to the readers. I doubt Pravda of the old USSR was this clever.

From the story before they knew the Sikh husband did it:

VDare often discusses the Lyin' Press coverage of the events and crimes in which the bad guy is not mentioned by race or ethnicity, unless he's white. "Kansas Man shoots 7" with no other information on this man anywhere near the headline usually means that the shooter is either black or a foreigner. That's become so common, that it's basically a meme. "Lake City man", hahaha, yeah, right, that's the ticket.

Well, with the story that VDare's James Fulford posted today on another immigrant mass murder, Sikh Truck Driver Charged With Killing Four Family Members, it gets even stupider. I suppose I should say even more wicked and duplicitous, but stupidity is the theme of this blog, and there's plenty of it involved too.

This time, after it was suspected that the killer of the four Sikh immigrant family members above was the husband had the following first two lines, as Fulford noted, and Peak Stupidity confirmed was on that Lyin' new site:
West Chester police have made an arrest in connection to the April shooting that killed four members of a Sikh family.

Gurpreet Singh, 37, is charged with four counts of aggravated murder in the killing of four members of his family.
Are they counting on most readers to read just the 1st line and click elsewhere? As VDare follows and notes on, victims who are foreigners always have their ethnicity noted, but foreign perpetrators do not. VDare writers have even noted that with 3rd-world immigrants that keep SLAVES. The slave will be mentioned by ethnicity, and as being held by that "New Jersey woman", who one later on finds is from that same shithole where slavery is still kind of a thing.

In this case, Mr. Fulford notes "the writer could have said, just as easily, that a Sikh was charged with killing four members of a West Chester family, but that never happens." It sure would have been an easier way to write the lead line to the story. These Lyin' Press folks spend a lot of time to obscure things, don't they?

Read the rest of that VDare post to see more details of the case and this murderous family of Sikhs, and also to know even more of the immigration stupidity that the American people put up with.

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