CongressBulb Omar and "the enemy of my enemy"

Posted On: Saturday - June 29th 2019 8:18AM MST
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Before I even get started, I don't intend to imply that the country of Israel is the enemy of America, or Peak Stupidity, by any means. It's the best thing going over in that part of the world and a home for the Jews, albeit in a terrible spot. (Location, Location, Location, people!) In the title and theme of this post, the 2nd enemy is the neocon contingent in American politics that is in the process of destroying America in order to keep a "common defense" of that small democracy in the Middle East - more on this in another post.

The 1st enemy is this Incandescent*-Bulb-headed Bitch here:

Utter hypocrisy - She would vote in Sharia Law ASAP
and has no idea what that Constitution behind her is about.

Last week, Steve Sailer, in Rep. Omar's Family Values (yes, his titles kick ass), brought up more information about the likely immigration-fraud scam marriage of Rep. Omar to a brother of hers. It'd really not be much more of an American family value if she did it NOT out of fraudulent intent, but because she was IN LUV! Whatever happened there is a subject for another post, but it'll take hard-working bloggers to get into this, as the Lyin' Press does not dig dirt on it's colleagues in Congress.

The point here is the talk/writing out of traditional Conservatives (aka, pro-American) who are impressed with Omar's having bad-mouthed the Israel-first policy of the American government. Sure, she is right about this. Why she brought it up is, of course, because the Moslems are sworn enemies of Israel and the Jews. Pundits have claimed that this was a very courageous stand by this young towel-headed representative. Bull! It would have been courageous out of any white man, surely. He'd never work in dis bidness again, I'm guessing.

However, this Omar has loads of diversity points due to her femininity (minus a few small lady parts, per custom) and her Moslemity. She can't be criticized without the criticizer being called a xenophobic anti-Islamic bigot. It wouldn't matter if she was in favor of the Federal Reserve Bank's lowering of interest rates, assuming she somehow knew what that meant, you would be called the same names for calling her out on that one. So, no, it didn't take any courage for this lady to speak out when others don't.

CongressBulb Omar is supposedly the enemy of our enemy for that one statement a few months back. The point is that you support the enemy of your enemy (which was, in hindsight, probably not the best idea in WWII with the Russians though). At least, you don't interfere (as in the stupidity in the 1980's of the US getting involved between the Iraqis and Iranians). Stay out. Yes, that was a good idea for the political squabble among the ctrl-left when Omar spoke out against the massive military effort in support of Israel. You buy more popcorn, and you sit back and enjoy.

That one kerfuffle is over though, and Peak Stupidity does not support a pro-Moslem-Invasion traitor** just because for an instant, she was an enemy of the neocons. Omar Ilhan is enemy of Americans. She came to America, and to the land of Snowflakes, as a 9-y/o refugee as her family was in trouble back in "the old country" Somalia due to the GrandDad having killed a bunch of political enemies and stuff. She should be sent back to straighten some of that shit out and not start it over here, as I imagine it runs in the family. Omar Ilhan has no business being in America, much less being in the US Congress. Wait, I've got that backwards: Omar Ilhan has no business being in the US Congress, much less in America. We have plenty of traitorous, sick, immoral psychopaths in high office, but at least they're OUR traitorous, sick, immoral psychopaths, dammit!

* Yes, we've got to be politically correct now, what with the ubiquitousness of compact fluorescents and LEDs.

** Possible that's the wrong term, unless you actually think of her as an American. She's no traitor to Islam - I'll give her that.

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