Dress for Egress

Posted On: Friday - June 28th 2019 11:44AM MST
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It's been 5 years since the "Pants up, don't loot" meme first heard of by Peak Stupidity during those Ferguson, Missouri and other riots started based on false injustices. However, we have observed the black men with pants worn way down below their butts for 2 or 3 decades. The problem doesn't seem to be abating.

I get bugged enough when my shoelaces or belt are loose, and I would not be able to function with my pants not in place (OK, most functions). It's stressful for me to even look at this stupidity, in the same way that my right foot may get sore imagining putting the hammer down in the car when riding on the road with a slow poke.

I've heard many theories of why this extremely stupid mode of dress is a thing with many of the young black guys. Some of them are too unsavory to even repeat here ... about showing one is ready for some butt-sex in prison, or something to that effect. (Like, I said, unsavory ...) I think wearing the pants down is something that gives these guys credibility with other black guys, who spend an inordinate amount of time in prison. I'll get the details some other time.

Whatever the cause, as reminded by a commenter on the unz site last week, for years I have thought that the main stupidity of this mode of dress is simply that it's hard to run with your pants falling down. It's one of those things you learn in your pre-school years. Now, the younger black guys are the proportionately large majority of the criminal element, and it would behoove any street criminal to be in a condition to run like hell, wouldn't you think? I mean, I'll admit that these guys are mostly in good shape otherwise. Why hinder yourself with this stupidity if you have any interest in limiting the amount of time you spend under arrest or in prison?

Well, as I was also reminded (about thoughts I'd had years ago), there's plenty of this type of stupidity to go around. It's a multi-racial phenomenon, this dressing for success arrest. There is the crowd of younger white guys, AND girls, in this case (the pants-down thing doesn't work as well for the gals) that walk around with pieces of metal attached to various and sundry places on their bodies. Nose rings and ear rings are one thing, though the bigger, the worse. Even nipple rings are not a problem in and of themselves. The problem, people, is the CONNECTION of theses bodily accessories, if I may, from one accessory to another, with chains!

Imagine having just made off with some vaping items, or having just done a tattoo-and-run, or whatever these young accessorized white kids may have been up to. Here comes "the fuzz" around the corner. Time to egress and exit the scene. Run! Oh, there's a 5 foot chain link fence in the way. No problem, there's no barbed wire, just get one shoe in, grab the top vault up, owwww! Crap, there went a piece of your nose! Whew, glad it wasn't the earlobe too that got ripped after your little chains got caught on the top of the fences. The failure occurs at the weakest link, and that's bound to be a piece of your flesh.

Hey, far be it for some 3,000 visits-per-month blogger to dictate to you young fools how to dress. It IS your business. Next time I ever see someone try to nab the hedge trimmers, I hope it is one of y'all. I CAN run too, but I have my pants in place, and I have no loose metal parts to catch on anything. We'll see how these modes of dress hold up in the real world.

Wise up and listen to your elders, young whippersnappers, when they give you life advice, such as "Dress for Egress".

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