"Here's Uncle Joe Bernie, he's a-movin' kind of slow ..."

Posted On: Friday - June 21st 2019 4:45PM MST
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(The title is in reference to an old, old TV show, Petticoat Junction, before my time, but the intro song is now stuck in my head for the evening.)

Zerohedge's "Tyler Durden" posted a comparison last week of Blue-Squad Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' platform to the 1936 Constitution of old "Uncle Joe"* Stalin. It's more of an accusation of direct plagiarism actually, as described by Mark Levin in the video below. It'd really not be any better, actually, if Bernie Sanders is no Joe Biden and hadn't plagiarized anything, and had just thought of this all by himself.

* The right to a decent job that pays a living wage.
* The right to quality health care.
* The right to a complete education.
* The right to affordable housing.
* The right to a clean environment.
* The right to a secure retirement.

Uhh, you really ought to come up with different terminology than "Bills of Rights" for all this stuff, all you politicians, as our Founding Fathers' version was created to LIMIT government, not to expand it. No, nothing in there about American citizens rights to not have to pay for all this by giving up years of their lives' labor in taxes ... musta missed it. Are we going to just skip the ratification process on this stuff? That seems to be the trend.

The Zerohedge post lays out Articles 118 through 122 from that old Soviet Constitution, yes that old Beacon of Freedom, that directly match 5 out of 6 of Uncle Bernie's proposed rights. It's missing the clean environment bit. I don't think that it was in the forefront of the USSR Commies' minds back in 1936 or really anytime in that hellholes 70 year history. If all the rest of the "rights" were really implemented, than it'd be the same here after the economy goes down the toilet - poor people can't afford to worry about the trees ... and the bees, and the whales ... and those snails... Ask a 1960's Chinaman, and then a 2010's Chinaman about this.

Bernie Sanders would get some credit here for his stance on immigration, were he to have kept it. I don't see any integrity out of him, though, besides his unwavering support of Socialist stupidity. I suppose if America does head that way, more and faster toward Communism, per Uncle Bernie's platform, the immigration invasion WOULD stop cold after a while. Just as in the former USSR, nobody but nutcases will want to immigrate. We'll still need that wall though - to KEEP PEOPLE IN! Don't blow that $5 Billion yet.

As you know, Peak Stupidity is not a "consumer" of TV, but this Fox News clip is here for the reader's reference:

* He was affectionately known as "Uncle Joe" by our very own Socialist/proto-Commie Franklin Roosevelt. Granted, that was not because of the Communism itself, but due to Joe Stalin, of course, being OUR Commie, helping defeat the Nazis from the east. It may have been wise to have made a deal with the Fuhrer, and let the two fight it out, or later, just listened to General Patton.

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