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Posted On: Saturday - June 15th 2019 5:49PM MST
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There was more that I'd intended to write about in that 2nd post on the 30-year-ago Tiananmen Square "democracy" movement. The post got long enough anyway, but I'd even put in the tag Immigration Stupidity already, based on what I was going to write (took it off that post now). Here it comes now then.

My contention was that there is no history of the Chinese people ever being into democracy, much less very limited government in their 5,000 history, contrary to the situation in American/British history. The optimistic young students and other "rebels" in Peking 30 years back may have chanted about democracy, but, other than a few who had been to the US and seen what existed in a still-early stage of unravelling Constitutional Republic, they don't know squat about it. It isn't "in them", so to speak.

That's all just fine, as hopefully enough Americans have learned by now that pushing for "democracy", whether in the Middle East, Africa, or China is not just a lost cause, but more importantly, IT'S NOT OUR JOB! ... not in a Constitutional Republic, it's not. Because of major economic reforms made over 40 years ago, after the Commie butcher Mao went off on his Long March to Hell, and the major help from the US, China is doing just fine, economically, at least. I think the Chinese having "good government" (an oxymoron as it is) is really not our problem, and we'd be better off working to have some of it over here.

The problem is, with our Immigration Stupidity mostly focused on the invasion from Latin America, we really need to think of the mindset of the people that are coming in huge numbers from other places too. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the good qualities of the millions (legal AND illegal* Chinese who live here. They do work hard. They are responsible for hardly any street crime. The kids are non-disruptive in school and study like Mofos (not always a good fit, though).

Yet, those good studious kids are not necessarily the ones who will get those "Citizenship in the Community" and "Citizenship in the Nation" merit badges in the Boy Scouts though. (Sure, archery and wood carving are more fun anyway.) The Chinese work their asses off to take care of their family, often their friends, and sometimes their churches. They do not have it in them, as a whole, to care about the integrity of the legal system, the safety of the streets for ALL THE KIDS (not just their own crowd), saving the beauty of the national parks, and all those kinds of things. I know, there are some exceptions, and back 40 years ago, if it were one family living amongst regular white Americans they would have gotten assimilated to these values. It just doesn't work in the thousands to millions at a time. In general, THEY DO NOT HAVE IT IN THEM.

So, shouldn't we be kind of careful about importing another whole class of people who don't get it? They will not vote for your Barry Goldwaters or Ron Pauls of the current or any future era.

Harold Ramos teaches the American way to newly-minted "Americans":

*See also Another aspect to illegal immigration - Visa overstayers.

Sunday - June 30th 2019 6:27AM MST
PS: Dieter, I was in a hurry before, but I should have added that, unlike some verbally-smarter folks like John Derbyshire and Jared Taylor, I have a hard time with languages, and Chinese is a DOOZY! I assume he wrote in English, though, with this line, but I'm not a follower of any Chinese writers.
Saturday - June 29th 2019 5:36PM MST
PS: No, on the 1st thing, I'm sorry but I can't help. I don't think I ever read Rolling Stone, though I probably glanced at it a few time during the college years. I never was a big Dylan fan as far as LISTENING goes, but I do appreciate him as a good songwriter.

Thanks for reading, Dieter.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - June 29th 2019 10:11AM MST
PS Achmed - I'm looking for a source (= author) of the following sentence, which I have in mind, and this mind of mine says, it stems from a Chinese writer, but it won't tell me which one. Aha, the line goe as follows (my mind giving me one further hint: He could have picked it up in Rolling Stone Magazine): "Bob Dylan was big amongst the protesters on Tiananmen Square."

Any idea?

Another Chinese thing that relates directly to you: I've told your Chinese blackberry-story numerous times now and people tell me: That's interesting indeed!- So thanks for posting it - not least in the name of my German friends and colleagues etc.!
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