A microaggression ties the knitters in knots

Posted On: Tuesday - June 11th 2019 7:57PM MST
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Road Trip!!!

The SJW crowd is very easily offended these days. Are they knitpicking because they are really so sensitive, or are they shrewd and cunning and just pushing their agenda to ridiculous levels to probe our forbearance?

Hearing the stupid complaints about politically-incorrect language in the political world or at the universities is something we are used to at this point. Reading about a microaggression from someone in a knitting group is another thing entirely. Blogger Stacy McCain*, about 4 months back, tells us Knitting Bloggers in Meltdown Mode Over ‘Social Justice’, putting Peak Stupidity in stitches.

A lady big in the knitting world, one Mrs. Karen Templer, ran into a kink with some easily-offendables in that small world of theirs by simply writing on her knitting blog that she was excited about going to India. What? Does one have to vet every thing one writes or says anymore with the truth ministry somewhere downtown? Otherwise, I can't see how I'd see a problem like this coming. It only takes one guy thou... wait, what, a guy in the knitting group?! One Alex Klein, "accused Templer of expressing 'a colonial/imperialist mindset'.". Others piled on, backing up his strange yarn, as such is the world of Facebook and Twitter.

As is the usual cowardly way out of this type of nonsense, Mrs. Templer caved in with an apology. Next trip lady, just save a few bucks and don't offend anybody, OK, by going on that road trip to see that biggest ball of yarn in the world. I'm sure it's what you really wanted to do anyway.

* His blog, which I've always liked, is named "The Other McCain" due to it being around when that douchebag Globalist was still with us. I guess it's too late to rename it now.

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