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Posted On: Monday - June 10th 2019 8:04PM MST
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... a whole lot of conflicting stupid BULLSHIT. Why? Because we want to show we are better people than you people without the sign:

Yeah, these blogs posts come out of the strangest places and times. As we visited relatives recently, I noticed the sign above on the very small yard (so highly visible) of the very next-door neighbor of our relatives. I wrote "very" specifically because these are townhouses so we're talking 20 ft away from our location. The sign reminds me of one of the two signs in Peak Stupidity's long-ago post on the Unitarians, Unitarian Stupidity - it's how they roll at the UU.. I'm guessing the Unitarians nearby have gotten their own well before this neighbor to get ahead in the game.

The game is called "virtue signalling". I believe the term was coined by John Derbyshire of VDare (articles here) and (articles here). Hey, that's as accurate a term as any of what people with these signs boldly displayed are all about. However, I'd really be up for a less polite, civil term and something much more disparaging. Is that just because I am one of those hateful meanies that won't understand the love and wisdom in this sign?

No, I'm getting really pissed about this stuff now. Let me describe the mentality of these people to you. It's not just simple stupidity. That can be forgiven. No, the sign is out there to tell me without the sign that I do not understand these simple concepts of LOVE, PEACE, and UNDERSTANDING! I am the stupid one, per the sign-wavers, because they are so DAMN ARROGANT, that they can not see that maybe they don't have the whole picture of what's going on in the country. Their assumption is that they can't be wrong, and I am both stupid and hateful for not getting it, even after reading these signs.

The stupidity comes in simply in the obvious contradictions written in those rainbow colors. The first and most glaring one is the "No Human is Illegal" juxtaposed with "Water is Life" (come to think of it, the sign I saw had some more treehugging phrases than the one above*). Let me get this straight: You understand that clean water is important, yet you don't think that there should be ANY limit on how many people live in America. This disregard for population growth, caused SOLELY BY IMMIGRATION, for the last 3-4 decades, which is a basic factor in EVERY SINGLE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM THAT EXISTS, is to be ignored. Nah, there must be other things we can do to mitigate the effect of 3 X the number of Americans on the same land in, in 100 years. How about we recycle more cardboard? Yes, toward Sustainable Stupidity! Oh, but VDare, and others, have found the reason the biggest of the environmental groups, the Sierra Club, has decided change their 1st rule of membership to "YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! IMMIGRATION!" One guy didn't want them to, and he donates a lot of money**. These are not treehuggers, they are tree-whores.

I could give 2 or 3 more contradictions inherent in just this one version of the plethora of products from the virtue-signaling yard-sign industry. It would just take too long for one post. This brings up the fact that it would take too long to explain to these people also. They are so simple-minded, yet think their minds are wide-open.

The next day, I noticed something that could have been a scene in a movie. As I walked out to the car, I noticed that, beyond the sign, the neighbor house had a young girl sitting eating in the kitchen. I mentioned that these are townhouses, and because they are symmetric, that kitchen abutted the firewall of our relatives' place, with it's kitchen on the other side. Our boy of likely the same age +/- a year, was in our place on the other side of the wall. On the one side there is the little boy getting taught to seek truth by his parents, and, unbeknown anyone but me (or the movie viewer) was a little girl getting taught bullshit by virtue-signalling ctrl-left batshit-crazy parents.

Fade-out to 10 years later, and pan between (Look, I'm not Francis Ford Coppola, OK!) two scenes of the same girl and boy walking across their college campuses, the purple-haired, multiply-tattooed Wymyn's Studies major going out to a political rally against white people, and the solid-A Mechanical Engineering student who is so into his interesting work that he just doesn't want to be bothered by politics, respectively. Oh, wait, that's a lot of suspension of disbelief there. I don't believe we'll even have a country by then.

* Yeah, Peak Stupidity has a file photo up top. OK, it's simply a photo downloaded after a quick image search on bing (bing seems to be best with images). It's a matter of both convenience and, occasionally, anonymity, that we use those photos 95% of the time over our own camera photos.

In this case, I WAS very tempted to take a picture with the phone and download it. I really would have enjoyed this very likely (since the sign was right outside the window) exchange with the neighbor:

"Hey, like our sign?!"
"It's just for my blog."
"Oh, interesting... what blog?"
"Peak Stupidity."

(Listen, they are not MY neighbors, so I don't have to be the one wondering if they'll then call the city on me for not sweeping my walk.)

** See More on the destruction of California.

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