Black Helicopter Parenting

Posted On: Wednesday - June 5th 2019 7:41PM MST
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Just your government hovering around, making sure you're safe ...

(It'll be drones more than helicopters.)

We've likely all heard of the term "helicopter parenting". Parents don't have as many kids as they used to, their neighbors are less likely to have any for them to all hang around together with shared eyes on them, and the 24/0/365(6) infotainment brings local stories to the whole TV-viewing nation's attention for months now, such as a child abduction. I guess those are the main reasons, but more suggestions are welcome in the comments. (Put that "PS" at the beginning, please, for your own sake.) The term "helicopter" comes in due to a helicopter's ability to hover over a spot, as a parent will be present almost all the time for any children that aren't already being hovered over by teachers and such.

I have been plenty guilty myself of this, though it's not likely a very good thing for the growth of children into self-sufficient adults. Sometimes, they need to be left to learn their own lessons and make their own rules. It is still understandable that parents would like to keep any watch they can, for as far along into their children's lives they can, in the interest of keeping them safe. It's just not a good policy for long-term safety that comes from being an independent adult.

I had a thought the other day that maybe the women that do the most of this are the same, over the generations, that have helped vote in the Socialist agenda in America. It's gotten past Socialism or any "ism" really, to almost a full-on Orwellian Police State. Just think of the income tax - before that it was none of the Feral Gov't's business where the hell you worked and how much you got paid. After that, Big-Gov. needed to know all that. It's been just over a century now, and people forget there could be another way.

Then, there were the organizations that started the economic Socialism during the reign (basically) of Franklin Roosevelt. Big-Gov knew better how much corn, tobacco, and soybeans should sell for and who should be growing them. Next, came the welfare state instigated by the scumbag Lyndon Johnson. Since then, the US Feral Government knows why some people are poor and some are too rich and how much money should be redistributed for "fairness".

It wasn't until Jimmy Carter pushed for the US Dept. of Education (to pay back the teacher's unions for their 1976 campaign support) that it became the big Nanny-State's business what your kids should learn each day.

In order to perform all these tasks expected of the nanny, there must be lots of oversight. Luckily (!), electronic technology has come such a long way, cameras are a few bucks, and we can therefore be watched and kept track of, you know, to keep us safe and all... No, it won't really be black helicopters, but rather drones, for cost, efficiency and less noise.

The real difference between the helicopter parenting of the present times and the black helicopter parenting of the US Feral Government is that the former is really done for the safety of our children, while that of the latter is done for the safety of the US Feral Government. No, they do not want independent citizens, as they may not always agree with and obey The Party of the Establishment.

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