Bezos Bride Blows Billions ... Story at 11.

Posted On: Thursday - May 30th 2019 12:14PM MST
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The Bezoses, in sadder times ... for the lawyers.:

MacKenzie ex-Bezos, one of the early adopters both of TECH husbands and last-name first names*, has been in the news, as seen in one quick glance at the Yahoo home page while closing my email. She is divorcing Jeff Bezos, CEO/founder of Amazon, or vice-versa, and the chick-bait** headline said she is giving away all her money, the $17 Billion that she is getting from ... whoa, wait. Shouldn't this be more like $35 Billion, as half of Mr. Bezos' hard-earned assets?!

Is this just a woman-led-to-believe-there-would-be-no-math thing? That's hard to believe, unless ex-Mrs. Bezos hired only women-led-to-believe-there-would-be-no-math lawyers to represent her. That's remotely possible, I suppose, but maybe the lawyers are really pretty damn good at math ... too good, as a matter of fact. Just the usual 20% or so of the settlement is some pretty good pocket money, even for a lawyer who's got his own exes in Texas and '19 BMWs to support. Hmmm, it'd give Peak Stupidity real good feelz inside if we were to learn that the divorce lawyers are also giving away all their money ... should I have clicked on the Yahoo link?

Philanthropy can be a good thing, if one has really thought of the consequences of the windfall to the supposedly needful folks on the other end. It's something, for example, that Bill Gates has sucked at ALMOST as much as with the development of computer operating systems (after MS-DOS that is). His philanthropy to the continent of Africa, with all good intentions as usual, has resulted in an out-of-control population boom that is the cause of much rightful consternation. Some of that consternation can be found in the Gates household itself, within which Bill Gates is working on philanthropic projects to ... uhhh, help Africa?

With Jeff Bezos having joined the Globalist Elite crowd long ago, I don't know if MacKenzie can really go wrong with this, in his eyes, as women will go with the flow per their close friends, all globalist elites themselves. It'd be a tough blow to Jeff Bezos, if now-Miss MacKenzie would miraculously lean alt-right or even half-way conservative, in her donations, but that's not bloody likely.

What IS bloody likely is that there is no way on God's green earth that this lady MacKenzie is giving away ALL her money. Hey, 95% would still leave a cool billion, and even 99% leaving enough to still afford a nice 20,000 ft2 mansion and Gulfstream, but she'd have to be pretty chintzy with the remainder, along with garnering much advice from the Hildabeast on cattle futures, to heat the house and feed Jet-A to that airplane. I can see more of this sort of thing, though:
"Yeah, I'm so virtuous that I'm giving away all my money, people! That'll show him what happens when you screw around with 50 y/o bimbos. After I buy those 2, OK, maybe 25 at the most, dresses, the remaining $16 Billion will go to the needful people of the world, ... no, not privileged American white people .. I want to make sure all $14 Billion, after the small amount needed to travel around the world to make sure this announcement gets heard far and wide, goes to those ... you know ... all these people that make me feel guilty for earning all this profit by calling the lawyers.... What? Pay the warehouse employees more, at "the end of the day"? No, no, they are the privileged ones, not the people you send money to. I remember those old Sally Struthers public service announcements. For just the price of a cup of coffee a day... see with the Vente Lattes I buy, that's $6.50 each, so with the $12 Billion I'm giving away, after coffee, well that's a lot of coffee for the masses ... Bon appetit, African children! "
Hey, Miss ex-Bezos, Peak Stupidity is feeling a bit needful right now. Just think, for the price of a couple of Grande Vente Expressos, you could sponsor your own blog post. The world does not have to remain stupid.

* Although we can go all the way back to the 1960's, to MacKenzie Phillips, actress daughter of Mamas & the Papas fame, to hear of this name, but she was just the "MacKenzie the Baptist" to the modern day last name as first name crowd.

** It was not even regular click-bait that I wasn't about to click on, but chick-bait, in fact, a real feel-good story, ... for the lawyers.

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