Good Schools, Race, and "Worrisome Signs"

Posted On: Tuesday - May 28th 2019 6:18PM MST
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I suppose the billboard on Peak Stupidity's early post "On Schools, Race, and Billboards" is a worrisome sign, and this post is a continuation (with one correction) of that one. If you are very interested in this stuff, you can read 100 X more about it after searching through the 10's of thousands of posts by Steve Sailer on

For now, I want to make a slight correction to my story from that previous post regarding the 2 elementary schools in question, that is near the middle school that the billboard is parent-whistling about. I looked at the two sites, both Great Schools and School Digger (graphics off the latter) some more. It looks like that worse-off elementary school is quite a bit worse off, not just slightly. The stats on race of the children alone pretty much give the schools' ratings! I just noticed that. Yeah, I know, it's not NICE to NOTICE!

Pertinent Stats for the better elementary school:


Pertinent Stats for the worse-off elementary school:


These schools are less than a mile away, so it's not the zip code that's the problem. It's not the climate. It's not the economy either. Hmmmm?? "Click here to learn more." "Be glad to!"

The bad test scores at the 2nd school are not due to the students, per the graphic that SchoolDigger kindly presents to us. No, instead, they are a "worrisome sign". Due to this worry, we should have some kind of conversation, it says. Let me start:
I think I'm onto something, fellow parents. Check this out! It seems like whenever you have a lot of white and Oriental kids, the grades are better ... did you notice that ... BONK!
Ugghhh ... I see what you did there ... How else can you help? Must ... not notice ... any more ... statistics ... I see 2 ... stars ... no, I see lots of stars ... spinning ... galaxies... billions and billions ... [/Evil Captain Kirk]

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