All the News that's NOT WORTH PRINTING - Immigration Invitation Edition

Posted On: Tuesday - May 28th 2019 5:50PM MST
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" ♪♫♬..with each blow and every little movement
you show it... ♪♫♬"

I had thought that the Red State news/opinion site was a part of Conservatism, Inc, and have not perused it for quite some time. They have an article here that may change my mind, as they point out the odd quietude of the Lyin' Press in reporting on an attack by some Minneapolis teenagers, well, OK, if I must, some angry light-bulb-headed young Somalian invaders at the East Side light-rail station in Minnegadishu. Oops, sorry, that wasn't even quite right - no, they are not invaders, they were INVITED by stupid Minnesota snowflakes!

Now, before I get further, as not to anger possible real-Minnesotan Peak Stupidity readers, I will explain this Snowflake terminology. It was originally to be applied for students of this generation who have been so coddled, they can't deal with the real world, and make stupid decisions accordingly. However, it's not just students, and because I don't want to create topic keys for all 50 states plus the Federal Shithole, I just lump them together. Why pick on Minnesotans*, then? Sure, it's not just them, and there are plenty of them, as everywhere, who want no part of the snowflake-flavored stupidity. You gotta admit though, you see lots of snowflakes up there, but really, you've got the epitome of Midwestern nice, helpful, friendly, clean, cheerful, kind, thrifty, etc. Yeah, that's most of the Boy Scout law, but what about the motto: Be Prepared! Don't take it the wrong way, Minnesotans, but I'd look more into that motto than the law.

The Somalians that the nice, cheerful, kind, friendly ... ladies of Minnesota have imported have obviously not all read that Scout Law themselves. The title of that Red State article above, not fit to print in the Lyin' Press, is 8-10 Somali Teens Armed With Hammers Attack Bystanders At East Bank Rail Station in MN; Media Oddly Quiet". (Big Capitalization folks there at Red State.)

The story, attributed by Red State to Alpha News, says:
Transit police for “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” and that some people were injured. A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to “multiple [911] calls” about “10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people,” also with “several injuries reported.”
Man, good thing they've got the guns off "the streets", oh, and the rails. Still, with all those illegal straw-purchased ball-peen hammers, there's more work to be done ...
A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had “hammers and bars,” and that they seemed to be “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.” The witness, who said he isn’t white, said he didn’t want to “[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects,” and that he “hurried an older white lady away” and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.
OK, so if you were not white, and didn't have money, there was nothing to worry about. Naaah, it's not a hate crime, because, well lots of our newcomers are good kids, don'tcha' know, and they just need a little more time .. to figure out what's a hammerfor, yah, you betcha'! (This really works better if you imagine this post in the accents of the characters on Fargo.)

On the lack of media attention, can you imagine if things were even partially reversed? The Lyin' Press Infotainment would be going on through the whole summer, until the next snowflake falls. From Red State again (we've posted most of the short article):
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this incident is how little media attention it received. The second most remarkable thing is that none of the article titles about this story indicate that these teenagers were Somali.

This story was tagged by Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds late last night and it has received enormous reader interest. He has captioned the post “Minnesota Nice.”

Reynolds takes note of the teens’ nationality. He writes: “Males.” They were Somali teens, showing their gratitude to the nation that gave them refuge.
Good on the Instapundit! From a former Conservative, Inc type, and maybe even quite the neocon back in the day, it's good to hear from him on this. He always had a good head on his shoulders and was very fair. Somehow, he's a law professor ...

As VDare Chief Peter Brimelow has often written, "This can only end in tears."

* It's also where the largest concentration of people with the most foreign culture imaginable on this planet have been imported. I do keep up with the situation in Maine too.

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