Global Climate DisruptionTM - The Politics (Part 1)

Posted On: Tuesday - January 10th 2017 9:19AM MST
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There are so many people in this world that would love to have a great deal more power over you and me. This is all well and good, so long as we don't let them get into (or stay in) positions to act on their desires. Yes, the horse has long left the barn on this for the most part, but the types that want control of your labor, your money, and your lives are not really satisfied yet. The people we are talking about may be called "leaders", "politicians", "captains of industry", etc., but better words to describe them would be "Globalists" and "the Elite", or to keep it simple "the Globalist Elite".

The Globalist Elite will pounce on any new idea that will let them amass more of the world's resources (i.e. your money and your stuff) and let them control said resources. Once they and their useful idiots, the mindless lefties and the treehuggers, can get the ball rolling on a scam like Global Climate DisruptionTM, aka Climate Change, aka Global Warming, aka Global Cooling, it's hard for even intelligent individuals under an oppressive government (like ours, and pretty much all of the worlds' gov'ts) to slow down and stop this snowball headed for hell. Our best bet is to blow this snowball up. I'm using snowball analogies today in particular for obvious reasons.

Politicians, aka the useful idiots for the globalists in real power, have been using this once staid and respectable field of science, climatology (not to be confused with cosmetology - less math and better-looking women), in various ways for their purposes and purposes of those in control. What are the benefits for the politicians:

a) An important thing for these people is to show that they care and are more compassionate than you are - hey don't knock it, they know that gets the women's votes.

b) As far as this BS has gotten to by this point, they can seriously consider taxing whatever they want based on some arbitrary measure of what's good for Mother Earth. These people like money, especially yours - you may have noticed that by now.

c) The most important benefit of the Global Climate DisruptionTM nonsense for the politicians and those with hands on the strings that control said politicians is the amount of additional control to be gained. One can point at any industry or endeavor and regulate the living hell out of it based on an urgent need to "avoid a doomsday scenario" (the worst case scenario that even the most outlandishly unbelievable climate math models out there would never predict).

This will be continued in another post in the morning.

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